How to choose a good case for your iPhone?

iPhone Case

Guardian Series Protective Hybrid Case Black

“How to choose a good iPhone case?” iPhone X, iPhone 8/7 or iPhone 8/7 Plus or even earlier models. General as the question is, answer is yet as varied as, if not more complex than, that to who’s the most beautiful girl in the world. That said, I’d still like to take the challenge, because it might not be universal but it might still be inspirational to some people.

real good case for an iPhone X, for example, is a case that protects, gives a new look to and/or enhances the function of an already-perfect product and design. You may wonder, since a case is needed, why doesn’t Apple design and sell them directly. It’s as simple as different people would demand differently from an iPhone. Here I would like to share what a good case is for what purposes.


Different Patterns of iPhone Cases

Never use something that you don’t think looks nice. Yeah, I know, some piece of truly great advice! That said, we cannot judge for anybody what is or isn’t nice. I have my own aesthetics, which is molded into our design. However, you can use different cases to match different outfits or even moods. Your street look, office look, casual look, they respectively deserve some matching cases that go well with them. I prefer a protective case for outdoor sports, a sleek and thin case for daily work and a case with a metal plate on the back for magnetic car mount.

Aurora Series Soft TPU Case


A case is supposed not only to change the look of your phone but also to offer protection. The beautiful screen, camera or even just the body of your iPhone needs serious protection, as fixing them is extremely and ridiculously EXPENSIVE! Take my iPhone X for example, Apple charges the screen replace service for $279, and the glass back is even worth $549! A basic indicator will be whether the case has raised lips for these areas. For some careless users, you might expect a best case to be even higher than the screen with a protector on. Some people are always careful users and the protection level they need might just be scratch-resistant. So please first decide which direction on a scale you fall to, careful or careless. This will help you decide what protection level your case better provides. I am a careful person so my top choice is always thin and sleek cases.

Lens and Screen Protection of iPhone Case


Personally, the most important aspect of choosing an iPhone case is how it fits. Like on a shirt, tight fit or loose fit makes a big difference. Usually tight fit is more protective and aesthetic because the manufacturer is accurate on the mold and pays much attention to quality control. Slim as an iPhone is, any more gap is an abuse of space. I’ve personally used hundreds of cases, for every of my phones. Some $100 cases, e.g. from KENZO or Moschino actually are not so fit. They were soon retired and now I couldn’t even find them.


Some cases have special features such as a kick stand ring, credit card slot, mirror back and etc. I like minimalism and accept no extra bulk. Unless it adds no bulk, I choose to neglect all those special features. In fact, a feature comes at a price and usually the price is extra weight…

Of course, there are a lot more than just PATTERN/COLOR, PROTECTION and FIT. Please let me know what bothers you most when choosing a phone case. Maybe we have an answer?

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