How to Protect Your Foldable Smart Phone with Case and Screen Protector

How To Protect Your Foldable Smart Phone With Case And Screen Protector

It seems like that the MWC in 2019 belongs to the foldable smart phone rather than 5G. Since the launch of Galaxy F in San Francisco on February 22. Manufacturers including Huawei, ZTE and vivo have announced or are about to announce their new folding screen phones. As we know, no matter the Samsung Galaxy F or Huaiwei Mate X, they all have a higher cost to purchase. Consequently, there is a great need to protect this advanced smart phone with some accessories. But we now meet such a problem that, we do not have any phone case and screen protector that fit the foldable handsets. So, how to protect the integrated device from being shattering apart?

High pricing and need to be protected

The Galaxy Fold will be available on April 26th with a starting price of $1,980. Thus far, only AT&T and T-Mobile have committed to selling the device in the U.S., so it’s possible Sprint and Verizon will not be offering the Galaxy Fold.

Huawei launched the Huawei Mate X foldable 5G smart phone at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This Chinese tech giant said that this foldable phone will start at a tremendous price of 2299 euros, approximately $2600. The Mate X will be available in the middle of 2019.

Expensive Devices Need To be Protected

Somehow or other, the foldable screen phone is more than a $1000 more expensive than the iPhone XS Max. So, if we can afford these expensive phone, we must do something to protect it and make it safe while we are using it.

A big challenge for phone accessory manufacturer

As a general rule, the first thing we usually do when we got a new phone is to install a phone case and screen protector on it. There are lots of options when you are about to purchase the phone’s accessories. But now, you can not find a phone case or a screen protector dedicated for Samsung Galaxy F or Huawei Mate X, of course, the 2 new devices have not available in store right now.

A Big Challenge To Phone Case Maker

Maybe you will say the new foldable phone has a good ability to resist scratches and drops, they do not need extra protecting gadgets. For the thousands of phone accessory manufacturers, it also is the innovation of their technology. If the foldable smart phone is the revolutionary of this era, it can also be the pioneer in overturning mobile phone accessories market.

How to produce foldable phone case?

According to the Therverge, phone case companies are already starting to fix out what a case looks like for the coming wave of foldable phones. Spigen is one of the first to work out a design, and it’s shared mock-ups of three products it plans to release for Samsung’s Galaxy Fold.

The cases all share similar designs, with front covers protecting the top and bottom bezels of the 4.6-inch outside display and cutouts for the triple-camera system on the back.

How To Produce Foldable Phone Case

There’ll be three models — the Tough Armor, Ultra Hybrid, and Thin Fit — with varying degrees of protection, ranging from a thick plastic case to a translucent wrap. All cases will be priced around $20, and largely made out of plastic and silicone materials, like PC, TPU, and PU.

The most difficult part to design a foldable phone case

What case makers need to be thinking about is the hinge part of the foldable phone case. Different from the classic phone, foldable smart phones have the hinge that, make sure the screen can be folded and unfolded. So the phone case should also be foldable.

For example, the Huawei Mate X is a 5G device that can fold into a slim 6.6-inch smart phone and unfold into an 8-inch tablet. So how to make a case that can fit a 6.6-inch smart phone and suitable for a 8-inch tablet as well.

The Most Difficult Part To Design The Foldable Case

In my opinion, a compatible case for foldable phone should have the strong ability of plasticity. Because the case should be suitable for the folded size and unfolded size in different shapes of the foldable phone. In addition, the case should be friendly to the smart phone. Do not make the phone get scratches while it is folded by the phone case. So it is important to decide what kind of materials will provide a protection to the foldable phone from the outside and will not hurt the phone when we covering it on the phone.

How to install the screen protector on the foldable phone?

Comparing the screen protector with foldable phone case, it seems like more difficult to create a screen protector than design a foldable phone case. We all know that most of the screen protectors for smart phones are made of hard glass.

Obviously, the common hard glass screen protector can not apply on the foldable phone, cause you can easily break it by bending slightly. Thus, do not think about to fold your screen when you are using glass screen protector, it will destroy your phone.

Hydrogel screen protector

As early as the Samsung has released the first curved screen smart phone Galaxy Round in 2013, phone accessory manufacturer began to produce the curved screen protector for these kind of smart phone. Therefore, the brand like Samsung has promoted the innovation of the traditional phone’s screen protector. In order to produce a kind of screen protector that can provide a long lasting protection, the Hydrogel Screen Protector came out.

What is hydrogel screen protector?

If we’d like to say the glass screen protector is hard, then, the Hydrogel screen protector is the icon of the soft. The material of Hydrogel screen protector is made of a layer of TPU or PET, with ductility and reaction, which can repair the scratches by itself.

Hydrogel Screen Protector For Foldable Phone And Curve Screen

Because of the feature of soft and flexible, it is natural for curved screen to fit, and there will be no white edge phenomenon when you are using it. If your smart phone falls down carelessly, the Hygrogel screen protector will not be broken up like the glass screen protector, because the material is different after all.

Advantage and disadvantage of the hydrogel screen protector

In general, the hydrogel screen protector can perfectly close to your screen in any ways and angles. Because the hygrogel screen protector is made of acrylic glue, the viscosity is more than 1200G. Then the viscosity is strong and it is not easy to curl up and not sticky.

It also is the only way we know to put a screen protector on a foldable smart phone. The hygrogel film is a high-temperature ion exchange process, which is hydrophobic and oleophobic, and the surface is very smooth, giving people a good touch feeling.

On the other hand, the protective effect of the screen is not as good as that of the glass screen protector, which is prone to scratches and is more difficult to install than that of the glass screen protector.

How to install the hydrogel screen protector?

Before we cove the hydrogel screen protector on your foldable smart phone, wipe the table clean and try to keep it free of dust. Then put the hydrogel film set around the phone so you can get it easily when you use it.

How To Install The Hydrogel Screen Protector

Keep your phone unfold, keep it level, place the hygrogel film on the phone screen, cut the screen with scissors along the edge of the phone.

Next, wipe the screen with an alcohol wet towel, then dry it with non-woven cloth, then tear off the corner of the hydrogel film, and paste the film onto the screen with a scraper from the edge.

It is hard to say what cases and screen protectors finally will be released for the foldable smart phone. Even if smart phone or tablet manufacturers have not yet published official specifications for any foldable devices. It is a safe bet to say that case makers usually receive detailed information on future device designs to be able to release protective covers on time. After all, this type of mobile phone is very expensive, and it is very hurt if we break it accidentally.

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