4 Tech Mistakes You Should Avoid

Using The Tech Products Correctly

“You might buy an iPhone glass case like this. It is slick and pretty, and make the back of iPhone more glossy. Many people like the case, me too. But sometimes I want to clean so unload it, and…….so shocking I cracked the caseeeeeee!”

Glass Case of iPhone Broken

Mr. Unknown submitted this question to RANVOO. We know it is depressing. Mr. Unknown thinks this case is terrible. But from a professional perspective, the factor that makes the crash is the wrong method of unloading.

In order to leave the cutout for the camera, the glass around the notch is more fragile than other parts.

The glass case is a little hard to install because of the hard bumper. Most people start to apply the clear case from there, the fragile part is easy to be been cracked.

The camera cutout likes Achilles’ Heel, it is the weakest part of the whole case. Uploading wrongly is hurt in the glass case.

In daily life, people often use tech product in a wrong way. There are some typical cases as examples:

Mistake 1: Cover the Laptop Outlet

High Temperature Caused By Cover the Laptop Outlet

The white-collar worker uses the cushion in case the bottom of the laptop be damaged by the rough surface. However, the cushion will hinder the outlet. Which makes the laptop overheating, leading to the loss of the laptop.

Mistake 2: Leaving WiFi and Bluetooth on

Turn Off The Functions of Bluetooth And Wifi

Leaving wireless technology accelerates battery drain, so making sure that WiFi and Bluetooth off when you do not use it. Swipe up from the bottom of your phone’s screen to view Control Center, your shortcut to WiFi and Bluetooth settings. Another pro tip is to turn on Airplane Mode if you want your iPhone to charge faster.

Mistake 3: Deleting Your Email Regularly

Delete Your Email Regularly

Unless you are someone who has the obsession and will not leave any trace of your online activities, regularly deleting all your emails in an attempt to free space up is unnecessary. This is not a productive way of using your email account. Even free email accounts nowadays come with limited gigabytes of storage. There are even some that offer unlimited storage. Saved emails may even be used as reference in the future, so having them stored online can be very convenient.

Mistake 4: Testing Battery by Trying Them on Your Device

Test The Battery Life

This one is a very common practice. Most people check the usability of batteries by actually using them on battery-operated devices. While this method is not that senseless, there is a better way to do it. This impressively simple way to test batteries is to put them straight up on a table and apply a slight shake on the table. The unusable ones easily get toppled while the good batteries remain standing still. The explanation for this is the accumulation of gas inside a worn down battery. Naturally, batteries with gas inside them will have difficulties balancing compared to those that have no hollow internals.

You can also test a battery through its sound. Drop a battery from a short distance onto a hard surface. A dead battery produces a muffled sound, a noticeable difference from the solid thump produced by a charged or new battery.

Be careful in life, using tech product correctly. And you will enjoy your tech products more freely.

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