What the charm of a bumper phone case?

bumper case

Do you know the bumper phone case? Search “bumper case” on Youtube, you see the sundry review or advertisement. Such as the influencer DroidModderX ROOT Master’s video. In this video, DroidModderX ROOT Master show a Ranvoo iPhone XS MAX bumper case.

From the comments, there are lots of audience praise the silver bumper case. They used words such as AMAZING, AWESOME, GREAT. How obviously the favorite! And search the IPHONE BUMPER CASE in Amazon or eBay, there are still countless goods.

What is bumper phone case?

Bumper cases aim to bring the best of both worlds into a single accessory. They wrap tightly around your iPhone’s edges, making sure that bumps and drops do little to no damage, but leave the back and front of the handset exposed.

What bumper case is

If you are looking for something to protect the edges of your new iPhone but don’t want to cover up the back of the phone? Then you’re going to need a bumper case!

What are the pros of bumper phone case?

Thin and light

Compared to other kinds of cases, the bumper case without cover back is very thin and light.

ultra thin bumper case

Bumper case is less use of the metal material. Install a bumper case is nearly the same as installing nothing. If you like the original sense of your phone and don’t like the heaviness, be free to buy a bumper case!

Prevent overheating

Although manufacturers announce their products is unaffected for heating lose, the glass or metal back is the main factor of mobile phone overheating.

In order to protect, the phone case is harder than harder. It provides better protection for your phone, but the thick material is harm for heating lose.

case can prevent overheating

Overheating kills the battery life, which makes your phone slow down,quicker losing of electricity, even hurt the display of your phone.

Bumper case without thick cover back provides the least interference. So, don’t worried about your phone is overheating, the back of the phone is not be hindered.

Keep original beauty

The bumper case offers the least interference, so the phone keeps the original style.

minimalist design of bumper case

You don’t need to worry about the back cover the color and design of your favorite phone.

Such as iPhone XS and iPhone XS MAX, the glass back is beautiful and elegant. Many people would like to keep the glass back originally.

Bend protection

Although you clip the bumper case on your phone, you may simply forget that they exist. But a good bumper case will protect your corner perfectly.

If you drop from a lower height, don’t worried about the corners. The superior material buffers the impact on your phone, protect your corners from breaking.

bend protection from bumper case

As one of the most popular Ranvoo products, iPhone bumper case was praised for a long time.

Besides the pros mentioned above, Ranvoo bumper case is outstanding on other unique factors.

The raised corner protects the camera

Raised silicon lip lifts your iPhone XR and thus protects the camera and glass back from damages. It is cleverly engineered to just cover the camera of iPhone XR without interfering with the flash and other features.

protects the camera with bumper case raised corner

Hard metal and flexible TPU frame, protect your iPhone bumper

Ranvoo iPhone XR bumper case solves all and offers more. Your iPhone XR gets well protected from frictions, scratches and slight drops, while maintaining original beauty, diffuses heat naturally and stays slim as out of the box.double protection for your phone

Easy and safe installation

The sleekness and flawlessness of its looking represent the highest standard of production, in cutting, molding, and assemblies. Accurate cutouts, raised corners, and bezels have resulted from our meticulous design and production. The flexible TPU junction designed at the charging port allows you to easily take off and put on this otherwise rigid and skinny-fit hard bumper.

A nice bumper case is your fashion accessories and good shield, be free to order a bumper case now!

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