Do We Really Need the Wireless Charger?

Do We Really Need the Wireless Charger

Apple has officially decided to pull the plug on the AirPower, a wireless charging mat that was meant to charge all your devices in one spot. Where will that leave Apple customers who were expecting to be able to charge all of our products? Do we really need to have a mat that will charge everything? Or will Apple try to find an alternative to take the place of the AirPower? Only time will tell.

The Death of the AirPower

Apple announced that it was forming the AirPower. It has been advertised on the AirPods II wireless charging case, the iPhone X, and even with the previous iPhone 8. When the Apple Watch launched its new model it too was advertised to work with the new wireless charging mat that was supposed to be coming out.

The Death Of The AirPower

However, Apple was not able to get it to the standard of quality that they are known for and strive for. It was found to over heat and have problems charging the Apple watch when trying to charge three devices simultaneously.

Though disappointed for them to suddenly nix the product when so many were looking forward to it, did we really want to pay for a product that could not work as describe? The answer is no. No one wants to pay for a low-quality product that would continuously have issues during operation. The next question that needs answered is, do we really need this kind of wireless charging mat?

Wireless Charger: Reasons to buy one

  • It is a convenient charging method

Wireless charging can be a huge convenience for at home use. In theory it is so much quicker to just toss a phone on the mat and wait for your phone to charge. There is no hunting for cords or the charging box. Everything is right there plugged up and ready for use.

AirPower Is A Convenient Charging Method

Wireless charging is also good if you have multiple people in a house or visitors. If someone lives in a house or is visiting, there is no issue with cords being shared or disappearing. Or having to find an available outlet for someone to use because their phone is low, and they need to connect to a power source. With a wireless charger it is ready for someone to use and its out in the open.

  • A wireless charging mat can save your money

Another great reason to invest in a wireless charging pad is because buying replacement cords is expensive. There is a lot of wear and tear on devices and cords when using a wired charging method. Many people end up buying a replacement charging cord about every month or every other month. Why spend out that kind of cash when you can invest in a wireless charging station that will last much longer.

Wireless Charger Can Save Your Money

  • To help you out in an emergency

There is also the bonus of wireless charging becoming a complimentary service in public spaces. Imagine being at the mall, a coffee shop, or even a local park and needing to charge your phone. A wireless charging station can be easily installed in public areas and offered for free, similar to free Wi-Fi that is offered most everywhere. It will be a way to bring in new and loyal group of consumers to establishments. Wireless charging is on its way to be the new way to charge, it is easier and more cost effective.
Help You Out In An Emergency

Wireless Charger: Reasons to Not buy one

  • A waste of power resource

Though wireless charging seems to be a cheaper and easier solution to the traditional cords, it may not be worth the investment. When smart devices are placed on a wireless charging mat the smart devices are only absorbing a portion of the energy that is being put forth. This means that wireless charging is wasting energy, up to 80 % of the energy could be going to waste depending on the wireless charger and phone being used. Looking at this from a broader perspective, that amount of energy worldwide is massive and detrimental the environment.

  • Low charging efficiency

The other downside to wireless charging is that it is slower than corded charging. For some this will not be an issue, but for those who need their phone to charge quickly it could prove to be a big issue. Imagine trying to charge your phone wirelessly between meetings. In 15 minutes, it will only gain 1-2% on the battery. A wired charger could give 10-15%. That is a massive difference in a situation where it counts.
Heavy Duty Case Not Suitable For Wireless Charger

  • Not suitable for most heavy duty phone cases

If someone likes to use heavy duty cases or utilize grippers on the back of their smart devices it makes it impossible to charge wirelessly. A wireless charger cannot send power through many cases and it must lay completely flat and have a good connection to get power. When spending $800 to $1000 on a phone which is encased in glass, who would not have a heavy-duty case protecting their device? Not many people would risk possible damage to something that costs so much to replace or repair.

Wireless Charging VS Wired Charging: Which one is better?

When it comes down to it, which is charging method is better? There is not a black and white answer to this because it will depend on the expectations or needs of the person doing the charging. With the information that is provided whether someone should invest in wireless charging devices, at this time it is not worth buying.

There is a lot of changes and growth in technology that will need to take place before wireless charging devices can take over for the more conventional wired charging. Wired charging may require people to buy more cables throughout a phone’s lifetime, but the versatility it offers will make it worth it.

Wireless Charging And Wired Charging

The speed of wired charging alone makes it the best. Today’s world is too fast paced for charging to take more time than it already does when using a cord. Wired charging stations are in many public spaces as well. When using them you may have to have your own cord, but it is offered to people to use.

Restaurants and coffee houses often offer outlets at tables for convenience, so wireless mats are not necessary for public phone charging. Wireless charging is an innovative concept that will eventually evolve to be what people truly need to add ease of charging in day to day life.

Technology Will Not Be Stopped: Should we be optimistic?

Technology is always changing and evolving throughout the world. Though Apple has found itself having to give up on this particular concept, this does not mean that the idea will die. It just means that there will be more research completed to be able to make this idea a reality.

As consumers, always looking for the newest item, we should remain optimistic that something fabulous will come from this failure and all other technology fails. Consumers stay in search for products to make their lives easier and more fun. Apple and other companies strive to deliver. This will always be the case.

Technology Will Not Be Stopped

Even with the failure of wireless charging mats that Apple has encountered, it is not the end for wireless charging. There are still items available that are useful, even if they are not something that we truly need for daily function. It is still possible to charge phones, AirPods, tablets, and watches wirelessly.

There are just other items that must be bought to be able to use wireless charging for these devices. Practical, probably not, but the technology is still there, and it will eventually evolve. Just wait and see what the future may hold for devices.

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