Why You Need a Phone Screen Protector


As we know, even your old daddy use iPhone with an iPhone case. But how about a screen protector? Is it worth to add a screen protector?

The screen protector was originally developed by the US military to protect electronic displays and helicopter blades from abrasive particles in harsh aerial environments.

RANVOO screen protector

There was a time when screen protectors had to be manually cut to custom fit the owner’s device. Nowadays, you get screen protectors in all shapes and sizes much like the back covers of mobile phones.

A great screen protector gives you a better sense of use and improve the service life of Your phone.

There are some reasons I think will persuade you to buy a screen protector.

Prevent impact from falling

Dropping the mobile phone on the floor nearly every phone user has experienced before. Seeing the screen break of your precious phone and repairing it with high cost must be heartbreaking.

iPhone broken screen

This is why you should buy impact screen protectors for your mobile phone. A hard glass screen protector will buffer the heavy impact and provide everyday protection you need from drops and scratches.

Someone worried about the hard glass screen protector will weaken the sensitivity of the touchscreen. Take it easy, the anti-shock screen protector is an ultra-thin plastic film that not only keeps the sensitivity of your touchscreen but also weakens the visual hurt of bright screen.

Prevent little injury

Screen protectors also reduce unappealing scratch marks and shield your iPhone from damaging elements like water and sand. You still can’t drop your iPhone in the pool, but if you accidentally spill a glass of water on your desk and some splashes on your screen, your iPhone’s going to be fine.

shock resistance of screen protector

Effectively prevent the Fingerprints on your screen

Everyone likes smooth and bright display of their brand new phone. But your hands sweat and stick oil, which makes the fingerprint left on the screen, leading to your screen lose charm drastically. Nobody wants to use a phone with a dirty screen for a long time.

screen film anti fingerprints

To solve this problem, a screen protector is necessary. A glass screen protector repels all kinds of skin oil, resists other stains by finger touch.

Although the screen protector is polluted easily, a tissue could clean it successfully. As a result, your phone ‘s display looks like brand new even after a very long time.

An Anti-Glare screen protector can protect your eyes

The glare of the phone screen is a long-time issue. The glare hurts the eyes of the users and increases the eye tension. So the anti-glare screen protector becomes more popular.

Mobile phone screen reflection

The anti-glare screen protector uses a matte coat and diffusion to lower the light pollution. In other words, by using this screen protector, you break up the light that reflects off the screen’s surface.

If you are a teenager or working in the bright place, buy an anti-glare screen protector is very useful for you. It will improve your sense of use obviously.

Filter Material of Screen Protector provides Privacy protection

How many times have you had to hold your mobile phone close to your chin or your chest to prevent someone else from sneaking in a look at your private information?

The privacy filter is suitable for you. When the privacy filter is attached to the glass screen of your mobile phone, the information on the screen becomes visible to the person who is directly in front of your phone.

Have you now realized that you need a mobile phone screen protector for one of the reasons we’ve just discussed? If so, why not get in touch with us here at Ranvoo and find out which screen protector will suit your needs?

clarity of the screen protector

RANVOO Screen Protector

Ranvoo iPhone glass screen protector is made of 9H tempered glass, with soft PET edge.

The soft edge could protect s your iPhone’s display from scratches and cracks, be careful with your iPhone’s bumper.

The HD clear tempered glass manufactured by Asahi in Japan, which bring the original display of iPhone.

And don’t worried about the fingerprint, the special oleophobic-coated protector is fewer fingerprints collected. And the protector against sweat and oil residue from fingerprints and keeps your phone screen pristine all day long.

effortless installation of screen protector

If you are not good at installation, the assistant frame can help you install the screen protector perfectly! The assistant frame will come with the screen protector if you buy it from RANVOO store.

There are many emergencies in your mobile phone screen, a good screen protector will solve many problems.

If you are serious about protecting your $800+ mobile phone, order a $13 glass screen protector is the best choice.

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