Wireless Charging FAQs – Everything You Want to Know About Wireless Charging

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Wireless charger knowledge has been with human beings for more than a century, but its adoption by the world’s leading brands has given it a new life. Why has the wireless charger knowledge taken the world by storm? Here is why the knowledge about wireless charger has evolved. Wireless charger wiki contributed significantly towards its development. This is because wireless charger wiki made the knowledge about wireless charger readily available and thus gave room for improvement.

The convenience that wireless brings to us

Wireless chargers are now favorite among people because of their convenience and here is why. Have ever been at a friend’s house but you couldn’t make an urgent call because you did not have your USB phone cable and your friend’s cable was incompatible with your phone? You need not worry anymore since the solution is here with us, wireless charger.

Phone Charger

Since wireless chargers have the same standard across the globe, one charger may be used for almost all devices ranging from phones, and tablets from different brands. Furthermore, it is suitable for waterproof phones since the charger eliminates the charging port.

Right now I know you are asking yourself many questions concerning the same right? Don’t worry. Below is the explanation of how it works and the best place to find it.

How does it work?

Wireless charging makes use of the electromagnetic field in one device which is used to induce current into a coil on the other device. The induced current is applied to charge the battery in the machine.

Why Wireless Charger Hot

The electric power is created inside the device that needs to be charged. Since this happens in the device is loaded, there are no worries of electric sparks as other disadvantages that come with cable charging.

What is a wireless charger?

A wireless charger is a charger that is capable of charging battery-powered equipment and devices without using a wired electrical connection. Therefore, it facilitates the transfer of electrical charge from the charging component to the recipient device wirelessly. Furthermore, this form of charging is also known as inductive charging. Derived from its operation principle.

Can wireless charger damage your phone?

A wireless charger cannot damage your smartphone’s battery as long as you follow the right charging procedure. A good and healthy battery needs to be maintained between 45% and 55% regarding the charge.

Swinging the battery charge from top to bottom, that is between fully charged to thoroughly drain is the worst you can do to your battery. Additionally, make sure when using a wireless battery charger, use approved wireless smartphone chargers from RANVOO. RANVOO deals with approved phone accessories and their wireless charger are one of the best.

Why wireless chargers get hot

While your phone charges using a wireless charger, your phone charger as well as your phone might get hot. However, this does not affect the performance and the lifespan of the phone since it is within the operation range of the phone. Additionally, if the battery becomes too hot, the charger is designed to stop charging until the phone cools down to the required field.

Furthermore, the following precautions must be followed so that the battery remains healthy for longer. The users must always use approved wireless smartphone chargers from known brands such as RANVOO. Moreover, avoid placing foreign materials such as magnets and metals between the wireless charger and the device.

Can wireless charger charge two phones?

Yes, the wireless charger can charge two phones or more, but now all the wireless charger can not charge multi-device at the same time. One needs to align with the phone and the charging station pretty close. However, Apple is already planning to expand beyond the Qi wireless charging standard its technology is based on with the AirPower, which can charge multiple devices at once.There is no room to fit two phones at the same time. Therefore, you have to wait for one phone to charge first before charging the next.

Multi Device Wireless Charger

Why use wireless charging?

If your phone is water and dust proof, it needs to have not charging ports and other unnecessary openings. Therefore, with wireless charging, the phone comes fully sealed with no irrelevant openings such as charging ports.

But that is not the only advantage. If you have ever experienced a burst charger cable, then you will know what am talking about. If it happens in the middle of the night, then you will have to wait until the following day. A wireless charge eliminates all the hassle.

But wait, those are not the only reasons to embrace wireless charging. With one wireless charger in the house, each family member with phones that support wireless charging can use it. The technology is universal, and any brand of phone can charge with the charger.

Closing Remarks

Wireless charging is the future and with iPhone having introduced it in their iPhone XS as well as their next phone to be released into the market. Then other brands are going to follow suit and soon every battery electronic devices will use wireless charging.

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