His Love is Special

His Love is Special

  • From you first step
  • to your first major decision,
  • his was the hand you held.
  • He is the first man in your life.
  • And he deserves
  • your first attention too.
  • Daddy, I love you
  • For all that you do.
  • I’ll kiss you and hug you
  • cause you love me,too.

— From your Daughter

  • Dad, you have always been
  • there for me
  • What a Great Person you are.
  • You are not only my
  • But my HERO too.
  • Happy Father’s Day!

— From your Daughter

  • Hope the CASE well protects your phone.
  • Pls carry the phone with you.
  • so you’ll think of me every time when you see it.
  • Remember we are CLOSE AT HEART.

— From loverly daughter

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