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iphone xr series ready for order
3 Reasons to Buy the iPhone XR

In the early September of this year, Apple already released their 3 brand new handsets, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. Because the iPhone XR needs a little…

different phone cases
Is Apple Phone Case Worth Buying?

While it may seem like so irrational to protect your investment by purchasing an expensive cell phone case, it may not always be the most cost-effective decision you can make….

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iPhone X User

It’s slick, slim, and very thin. Buttons on the side respond very well. I’ve dropped it a few times from pocket distance. So far so good. It has a lip over the camera so it doesn’t slide and scrape the lense which I love and it’s not too bulky at the camera either. The main purpose of getting this case was to show off my laser engraved backing with a little protecting. If you look at the case very carefully. You’ll see the clear backing has some type of pattern of protective substance but still.

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iPhone 8 User

The slick design of this case makes my red iPhone 8 look beautiful. The metallic red on the case really complements my iPhone. This case is also low profile which is exactly what I was looking for. It almost looks like there’s no case on the phone. The back of the case is designed to keep air bubbles from forming between the phone and the case. This is best case I have ever bought!

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iPhone X User

Great case. Fits the iPhone X very well. The TPU material is soft enough to easily take the phone in and out of it, but not so soft that it’s limp. Provides a tiny bit of grip, it’s less slippery than the phone itself is. I like how the case is semi transparent, where you can see the back of the phone through the case. And my favorite part is how thin the case is — enough thickness to feel ok if I dropped the phone from a small height, but thin enough that it doesn’t feel bulky in my hands.

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