4 Reasons You Need a Phone Case

the reasons you need a phone case

Covering smart phones with cases is a cost effective decision for the phone’s protection. Phone cases cost very little compared to getting a damaged phone repaired. Sometimes you may have to replace the phone because it is not worth repairing the phone. The cost of a new phone is high especially if you have used your old phone only for a few weeks or months.

Phones are made to look sleek in your hand and their build is not sturdy. They don’t give the necessary grip that prevents slip and fall phone accidents. If you don’t want to buy phone insurance and pay a premium every month, you should at least buy good quality phone cases for your phone’s protection.

Fashion Statement

Cases for phones are making a fashion statement today. Not only to they protect phones but make users look unique and stand out from the crowd. Today, the instrument used by people the most are mobile phones.

phone case is another kind of fashion statement

Most users don’t like looking drab and they don’t want their mobile phones to look boring. Cases for mobile phone have become the new 21st century fashion statement that is as important an accessory as jewelry or watches for users.

You can get fashionable cases for iPhones, BlackBerry or Droid phones. Mobile phone users can choose cases that reflect their personality or their status. Besides looking stylish these cases for mobile phones and tablets are durable. They are unbreakable and protect the phone or tablet even if it falls or is stepped on accidentally.

Prevent splashing water on your phone

Waterproof cases for mobile phones help to protect the phone from being damaged by water. If you are holidaying by the sea, if you swim regularly or if you visit water theme parks with your kids, a waterproof case for your mobile phone will protect from water damage.

Prevent splashing water on your phone

Many of these cases offer hands free usage and you can answer the phone or take photographs underwater by protecting the phone with a waterproof case. You must buy a waterproof case after checking the depth of water into which the phone is likely to be submerged.

Scratch Protection

Cases for smart phones cover the edges, corners and the back of the phone. While many prefer using a screen protector instead of a case, a case prevents accidental slip and fall of the device.

anti scratch

When the device falls, the screen may have scratches or totally shatter. While screen protectors protect the screen from scratches, they make the structure of the display weak. Cases also prevent scratches on the back of the mobile phone.

Maintain and  Keep your phone clean

Cases for smart phones protect the phone from dust and dirt. Dust and dirt can clog the phone’s internal components by getting into vents. This will result in the malfunctioning of the phone and the need to go to the service centers of the phone company.

If you use your mobile phone on a beach, sand will get into vents and damage the phone or cause it to malfunction. A case for the mobile phone will protect sand from entering the phone vents and damaging internal components.

keep your phone clean

Hair also gets into the vents of mobile phones. Hair can clog phones and cause malfunction. The cost of servicing the mobile phone frequently can be avoided by putting a case that suits the type of phone.

If you have a suitable case for the mobile phone that protects the entire phone including the screen, you don’t need to clean it often. You can clean or service the phone once in a year if you have a good case for your mobile phone.

If you don’t have a case for the mobile phone the phone is exposed to the elements and the phone can get dusty and dirty. Sand hair dirt and all forms of debris can enter the vents in the phone when there is no case to protect it.

The mobile phone is the most frequently used instrument today and you may sometimes use it with dirty fingers. The dirt may cause problems with the internal functioning of the mobile.

If the mobile phone is covered with a case, you will handle the case with dirty fingers and the main components of the phone stay protected.

How to choose your phone case

To find the best protective case for your mobile phone, you should search the internet on review sites. Sometimes, you may not get a review for a suitable case for the model of your phone, but there may be reviews for similar models of the same manufacturer.

Check if the case has all the ports including charging ports and holes for the camera. The button covers of the case should not be too stiff to handle easily.

How to choose your phone case

Make a list of the features you want in the case like a landscape stand and choose a case that has all the features. You should choose a cover that is as tough as you want it.

If you frequently drop your phone, you need a strong case but if you are a careful mobile user you can get a lighter and easier to handle phone. Rugged cases are bulky while tough cases are strong but not bulky. It is prudent to look at several cases before making up your mind about the case that suits your needs best.

RANVOO Phone Cases

RANVOO offers a wide range of mobile accessories including cases for the protection of your most valuable tool, your mobile phone.

They offer ultra slim protective cases for your IPHONE. The case enhances the appearance of the phone and gives a good grip when you use the phone.

RANVOO comes with glass screen protectors, tempered screen protectors, transparent cases, slim fitting cases, rugged cases and hard cases for IPHONE users. In addition, a protective lip over the camera and the button covers are easy to use.

One of the most economical investments among accessories for phones that will help prevent expensive repairs is to cover the phone with a good case for the tablet or phone.

Putting a suitable and user friendly case for the phone helps to keep your phone clean and ensures that you can use the phone for a long time without the phone malfunctioning. The protective case ensures that the phone is not damaged in case you accidentally drop the phone or if the phone gets wet.

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