Differences Between Every iPhone Models

What are the Subtle Differences Between Different iPhone Models and How to Choose a Dedicated Case for your iPhone

The next-generation of cellular technology, 5G promise to change your life with a massive boost in speed and responsiveness. At the same time, Apple has been creating the advanced devices and released in 2018, the iPhone XS series and iPhone XR. We still expect the innovation Apple will bring to us in 2019.

Come back to the previous handsets that Apple has created, can you tell the subtle differences of the same size model according to the appearance? Such as the differences between iPhone X and iPhone XS. It is useful to choose a dedicated phone case for your iPhone, if you can distinguish the differences from the others iPhone.

The Subtle Differences Between iPhone Models

Even do not know how to identify the specific iPhone model? RANVOO will provide a full explanation on all the same size iPhones from the appearance and details, so that you will not buy any unsuited iPhone’s gadgets in the store.

iPhone XS Vs iPhone X

Apple released the new handsets on September 2018, the iPhone XS, which has the same size with the iPhone X released on 2017. If you do not take those two smartphones to make a comparison, you are hardly to tell what new design was on the iPhone XS.

  • Colour:Silver, space gray, and gold Vs Silver and space gray

In terms of colour, iPhone XS has 1 more Gold colour than iPhone X. So, if you see someone is holding a golden “iPhone X” in the crowd, do not get confused, it is the newest iPhone XS. Gold is the main factor to distinguish iPhone XS from iPhone X. But how to tell apart the difference except for the Gold, because of those 2 models still have 2 same colours, silver and space gray.

iPhone XS And iPhone X

  • Speaker and Antenna Line

There are 12 built-in speaker holes on iPhone X, 6 on the bottom left and 6 on the bottom right. But the iPhone XS only has 3 speaker’s holes on the bottom left, so if you want to know what exactly the 5.8-inch iPhone model is, just pick it up, check the bottom edge and start to count. In addition, iPhone XS has added 2 additional antenna lines on the top and bottom edges, it is easy to find out beside the speaker.

Cutouts Of iPhone XS And iPhone X

iPhone 8Plus Vs iPhone 7Plus

  • Colour: Gold, Silver and Space Gray Vs Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Black, Jet Black and Red

Firstly, we still can not see through the differences of the two 5.5-inch iPhones directly. The Fingerprint Sensor of the 2 models is set on the front bottom, but when they come to the back, they do have a big difference. The iPhone 8 Plus looks brighter because it uses a glass material; the iPhone 7 Plus looks like a matte finish with a metallic back shell, except for the Jet-Black version, which looks more like a glossy black finish. It is also very bright.

Comparison of iPhone 8Plus and iPhone 7Plus

  • Industrial design

The position of the button has hardly changed. The metal material of the middle frame and the back of the iPhone 7Plus is connected into one part. On the contrary, the iPhone 8 Plus is made of metal, but the back is made of glass, so the iPhone 8 Plus is not very integrated in structure, and the middle frame gives a look of layered. Besides, the shape of the iPhone 7Plus lens looks more tougher, but the iPhone 8Plus lens looks round and smooth.

Matte Finish and Glass Back Material

iPhone 8 Vs iPhone 7

  • Colour: Silver, Space Gray and Gold Vs Black, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold

iPhone 8 has also added a new colour, the Blush Gold, which sounds like a new color scheme for female consumers. Previously, the space gray and silver models all have a new glass appearance, and the six-layer dyeing process gives it a more precise tone and opacity than the iPhone7.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 8

  • Material

In additional to the colour, there is no difference between looking at the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8 from a distance. The screen size, resolution and even the size of the fuselage are the same. But the difference is that the iPhone 8 uses the strongest double-sided glass in Apple’s history, and the fuselage is more transparent than the iPhone 7. In addition, the iPhone 8 also uses aviation-grade aluminum alloy, which increases its strength by 50% compared with the previous iPhone 7.

iPhone 6sPlus Vs iPhone 6Plus

  • Colour: Silver, Space Gray, Gold, and Rose Gold Vs Silver, Space Gray and Gold

The obvious difference in appearance is the addition of rose gold to the 6S Plus and the “S” on the back. The iPhone 6Plus do not have the extra “S” on the back.

iPhone 6SPlus and iPhone 6Plus

  • Material

In addition, there is an invisible appearance detail, the iPhone 6S Plus uses a harder 7000 aluminum alloy fuselage material, the fuselage thickness is also due to the use of harder materials, which makes the hardness of the iPhone 6S Plus enhanced, not easy to bend. The generation of the iPhone 6 Plus is made of 6000 aluminum alloy with lower hardness. The hardness of the fuselage is relatively lower than that of the new generation. Many users said that their iPhone 6Plus have bent or broken before. This situation will be significantly improved in the 6S Plus.

How to Choose a Dedicated Case for your iPhone?

There are thousands of options out there when it comes to a perfect fit and dedicated case for your iPhone. Does the iPhone case on your hand really fit your device? An unsuited phone case may destroy your iPhone and will cause over $1000 in losses. Apparently, they still have little different in design, although some models are in the same size.

Huge Amount of Loss

Take the iPhone X and iPhone XS as example, as we noted that the lens bump on the iPhone XS is slightly bigger than it is on the iPhone X. This is because of the iPhone XS equips a wide-angle sensor that is 32% larger than the one found on the iPhone X. Furthermore, Apple is not marketing its iPhone X cases as compatible with the iPhone XS – nor are the iPhone XS cases also listed as compatible with the iPhone X. The camera hole on the iPhone X case measures 25.39mm tall, whereas the cutout on the iPhone XS case is 25. 6mm.

Thus, if you put an iPhone X case on an iPhone XS, the lens part of the iPhone XS may stuck with the case and get damaged. Some third-party iPhone case makers do not compare the slight difference of these parts of the same size iPhone device, in order to save the cost of making new mould, which is why some companies are marketing their iPhone X and iPhone XS cases as being identical.

Improvement and Change:

For this reason, RANVOO makes improvements in the latest iPhone cases. The Liquid Series Case for iPhone XS has changed in design and mold. To meet the needs of the American market, we rebuild some new iPhone XS case models in order to compatible with the previous iPhone X. In the part of the lens, we do some test and try a large number of case models to pursue a case that perfect fit for iPhone XS and iPhone X. This kind of Liquid case was made by BAYER with ultra-clear soft TPU material provide long-lasting clear to show off your colorful iPhone.

Design Only For iPhone XS 2018

Moreover, in the German market, RANVOO release a dedicated case only for iPhone XS, which has the precise speaker cutouts for the device and the part of lens will 100% thoroughly fit for the iPhone XS and there is no gap between the case and the iPhone’s camera, in addition, the handset will not get stuck with the case.

Precise Cutouts Only for iPhone XS

In general, after we figure out what our iPhone model is when we are choosing a case for our new iPhone on Amazon or E bay, we need to see the pictures and the descriptions of the case carefully. Especially the description, including the words like compatible with, suitable for 2 models, etc. Choose the dedicated phone cases as much as possible, which can reduce the damage on your device, because not all brands can continuously improve the product like we do. RANVOO will still insist on providing the iPhone accessories and gadgets that needs of different people and design.

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