How to Choose a Clear Case for iPhone XR

How to Choose a Clear Case for Your iPhone XR

Apple has finally released its much-awaited clear case, and the iPhone fans are excited about it. This particular clear case is exclusively for the iPhone XR, which is dubbed as one of the most beautiful phones right now. It is why users agree that transparent phone cases are the best way to dress the smartphone up.

The XR comes in bold colors showcasing deep coral, feisty red, eye-catching yellow, pure white, calming blue, and space gray. Using clear phone cases is the chosen way to clad Apple’s iPhone.

Is Clear Case Worth Buying?

For decades since the very first iPhone, Apple has been consistently one of the top smartphone brands and the entire electronics industry for that matter. However, if you take a look at the list of the best clear cases from several years back, you will not find anything from this company – until now. Apple has finally decided to change the game and is now offering its new and first ever clear case designed by and for the brand itself.

The cases are Apple-branded and made for Apple only. Sometime back in October, photos of the cases leaked but those vanished almost right away. Now, it is official, and Apple has revealed the phone case that many people have been waiting for.

iPhone Clear Case For iPhone XR

With numerous users trying the clear cases for the first time, you are probably wondering whether you should join the bandwagon or look for something else. If you ask those who have already tried the clear case, they will tell you the product looks great and fits perfectly.

From the pictures that you may have already seen, you will see some of the unique attributes of the case. For one, the case edges a little around the border of the phone, which gives you the idea that it partially protects the display. If you have used other cases before, most of them will require you to install a screen protector, too. However, this transparent case from Apple offers great defense against common accidents that can cause some damage to the screen and to the phone itself.

The case is pretty expensive compared to other options out there. Nevertheless, if you aim to have real, transparent security that is Apple-branded, this case is an excellent buy.

Why Users Choose a Clear Case for Their iPhone

The colors of the XR are not something you would want to hide from the rest of the world. Users do not want to disguise their beloved smartphone with cases that conceal its beauty. The clear phone cases, as you guessed it, are crystal clear. While you may have already seen clear or transparent cases before, this product is completely clear. It is not partly clear or cloudy and not matte-finish as well.

While there are other choices available, the clear case from Apple has some unique features. Among them is extra thickness, which causes the camera unit to stay hidden through the case, not the usual protruding build. You can say that the camera is more or less in an even level with the case, which actually makes the user feel more comfortable with it.

Why Users Choose a Clear Case for Their iPhone

A high-quality case, such as the Apple case, comes with an easy grip design, which is one of the primary selling points of the product. With such configuration, the cases guarantee that the phone will not slip out of the owners’ hands while they are using it.

If the mentioned characteristics have not convinced you, here are even more reasons why users prefer transparent phone cases for their XR:

First-Rate Materials

The covers are made of optically clear polycarbonate, along with TPU materials that are known for their flexibility. With these qualities, they allow the case to fit over the iPhone buttons. At the same time, you will feel that the construction moves harmoniously with the buttons underneath.


You use a phone case to protect your phone from damage, including scratches. The clear covers come with scratch-resistant coating, not just on the outside but on the inside as well.

Wireless Charging

The clear cases are compatible with wireless charging so you can use this function while you have the case on.


With the XR’s striking half a dozen colors, no user should be willing to keep the original design out of sight.


If you have been a long time user of phone cases, you will notice that they often start yellowing with UV exposure and prolonged use. Most XR cases promise that they will not end up yellowing, including the Apple clear case.

Whether you go for the first or third-party clear case, you will get the benefits mentioned above when you dress your iPhone with a transparent one.

Tips in Finding the Best Clear Case for Your Phone

You have the exclusive iPhone case from the manufacturer as your first choice, but there are also other options on the market right now. Decision-making can be a challenge but here are some tips that will help you land the most suitable one for your needs and preferences:

Retained audio quality

Some cases, whether they are clear or not, have this problem where they sacrifice the sound quality of the phone to protect it. Make sure that you choose a clear case that provides solid defenses but at the same time maintains the quality of the iPhone’s sound.

Fits your pocket

As much as possible, stay away from bulky cases since they will take a lot of room in your pocket. Instead, choose a slim cover that will slide in and out of your pockets easily.

Button placement

The case should not conceal the volume buttons of the smartphone. You should also have no problems activating the headset despite using a case that covers your phone’s buttons.

Shock Absorber

Most users drop their phones by accident. Keep your smartphone well-protected with a sturdy case that can absorb force during a fall.


The design can be textured, particularly the sides so you can hold it properly while minimizing the risk of the phone slipping out of your hands.


Bulky cases can give you discomfort when you keep holding and using the phone for hours. Go for a thin and lightweight casing that you can carry comfortably in your hand.

Some designs are superior to others. For instance, some cases are designed with military-grade protection against drops. Others add a rubber protector around the rear-facing camera of the phone, which significantly reduces the chances of getting scratched while in use. A bezel-designed case can also keep the smartphone safe if ever it lands on a surface.

Apple iPhone XR Clear Case vs. RANVOO Clear Cases

When this iPhone case was introduced, many people were surprised that it was cheaper than what was expected. However, you can always buy other cases for less, including the selection of clear cases from RANVOO. This brand offers clear covers for several iPhone smartphone models, including the XR. Currently, it has two products for this specific phone:

Protective Clear Case

This product is generously thick with TPU frame. It can protect the smartphone even from high drops, thanks to its military grade construction. This clear case also has a raised lip, which is 0.03” higher than the iPhone case, therefore offering more protection.

iPhone XR Protective Clear Case

This RANVOO case has a long life and is guaranteed to have an anti-yellowing coating, unlike the iPhone which still has to prove such a claim. RANVOO makes sure the case is precisely molded to the shape, size, and buttons of the XR. Although the iPhone casing is made especially by Apple for its XR smartphone, many users and reviewers have complained about how the case does not work well with the volume buttons since it somewhat reduces their tactility.

Crystal Glass Case

RANVOO delivers yet another exceptional casing with 9H+ tempered glass, which is combined with a silicone frame. The hard and soft arrangement makes this clear case unique. Once again, this crystal glass is not only crystal clear but also prevents yellowing despite how long you have been using it.

iPhone XR Clear Glass Case

It also combats scratches, along with other damages with regular use. Although the iPhone case is lightweight, RANVOO transparent phone cases are 40% lighter than other existing glass cases.

When you shop for a clear cover for your iPhone XR, bear these things in mind. This way, you can purchase the clear case that suits your personality, needs, and budget.

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