How to Choose Phones for Seniors?

How to Choose Smartphone for Elderly

If you want to buy a phone for grandma, how will you choose the device? Most of the elderly are not skilled in using smartphone. They are poor at hearing and seeing. That’s said before you purchase, you might pay attention to how to choose a suitable phone for seniors.

The elderly are fragile to phishing and may give away their privacy too easily. A safe OS can prevent that from happening to the most. In addition, grandma may often ask for your help with the question as simple as how to shut down. In order to less trouble, a simple equipped OS is important too.

A better choice than Android

In summary, compared to Android, the iOS is a better choice. Except for safety and simplicity, iPhone has more accessibility is friendly to the elderly. Such as MFi hearing devices, display accommodations, and voice over.

For Seniros Users iPhone is Better than Android

There are many models of iPhone but which one could I choose….? Let’s make a list of about what features of the iPhone for seniors

Information Security

The elderly are forgetful and their hands are shaky. Using the Touch ID is more available than typing passcode for the elderly.

iPhone Face ID is Good for Protecting Seniros Information Security

In the early year, the Touch ID is popular. However, the fingerprint may change or disappear and it may lead insensitive to the Touch ID. The new iPhone are available for Face ID. The elderly’s facial feature change much more slowly. It is more safe and stable for seniors.

Bigger screen

As we know, the elderly are poor at watching. It is hard for them to read regular font, bigger screen for bigger font is good for the elderly.

iPhone Big Screen Make it Easy for Elder Reading

The new iPhone in 2018 all feature full screen. It is better for the elderly’s reading.

Good camera and Larger storage

In grandma’ years, taking photos is not as convenient as our days. Today most of mobile phone feature camera, people are free to take photos at any time. And the elderly’s will of keeping memory with photos is the same as past. In order to keep memory better, a good camera is necessary. The camera of iPhone is easy to operate and performs better than Android phone.

A Good Camera and a Large Storage is Easy to Save Elder Memories

Most the seniors enjoy their retired life, they like to record the wonderful moment in photos at any time. But the elderly often forget to delete the photos and size of high-resolution photo is large, the large storage is necessary too.

Long battery life and convenient charging

The elderly have more time to play with the phone. It is easy for them to addict to play mobile games or talk with friends in social media, they will play it until no power.

iPhone Long Battery Life and Easy Charging is Convinent For Seniors Usage

The seniors are forgetful so that often forget to charge. It is hard for seniors to find the charging cable and the iPhone available for wireless charge is a better choice. The charging pad is more obvious than fine charging cable.

And frequent charging is harm for the battery. When you choose the iPhone for seniors, be careful of the battery life.

Ideal price

As we know, most of the seniors’ hands are shaky. It is risky for them to use expensive mobile phone because they may often fall mobile phone. Many young people tend to buy an outdated iPhone to seniors because of lower cost.

But the outdated iPhone don’t feature the newest accessibility that friendly to the elderly. If you want to set up something for grandma’s healthcare by iPhone but she’s iPhone hasn’t the function, how embarrassing!

The iPhone XR is suitable for the features we talked. As the newest iPhone, iPhone XR features many elderly friendly functions. The FACE ID provides more security, besides, full screen is the biggest screen and the large storage…..And the iPhone XR is of best value.

The iPhone XR is on available, why not add it to your cart?

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