Tempered Glass Screen Protector Review and Installation Guide

RANVOO iPhone XR Tempered Glass Screen Protector Installation Guide and Review

Hello! You guys must receive the iPhone XR now. Do you want a screen protector for the iPhone XR? The famous technical youtuber Shane Starnes upload a nice video about 3 types of screen protectors. There are many kinds of screen protector in market. If you are confused with the choice, this video may solve your problem!

3 pack screen protector

3 Pack Screen Protector Pros And Cons

The first screen protector is best value. This is the 3-pack, so you are going to get three protectors for only $9.99.

Don’t worried about the installation. RANVOO adds an alignment tool for all of their screen protectors. It makes it almost impossible to mess this up. And you can get some accessories here that make installing the screen protector super easy.

You can see the screen protector sits so far away from the lip of the case that it is not going to cause any issues even a tighter fitting case doesn’t cause any issues with the screen protector.

3 Pack Screen Protector Installation And Review

The minimalist case here is even a bit tighter and once again no issues. Whatever for the screen protector and finally we got the bumper case here which would normally cause most issues with screen protectors. Because it is such a tight-fitting case is not going to cause any issues.

Soft edge screen protector

Soft Edge Screen Protector Pros And Cons

We have the 9H full coverage screen protector and the most innovative about this screen protector and something that I have not seen in other screen protector is that it has this PET soft edge. Most screen protector break first at the edge so this is going to be a little more durable a little more resistant. Because it does have the that soft edge and it is also going to cover the entire screen.

This one will set you back $12.99 and it does only come with single screen protector I feel like it is going to do a better job of protecting the entire front display of your phone. So, installation is identical to the other screen protector and then you have your alignment tray here.

You are going to clean up your screen and take off the cover on the back and then simply align it and drop it into place as you can see this screen protector does go all the way to the edge of the glass. So, it is going to give you full protection over the entire front of your iPhone 10.

Soft Edge Screen Protector Installation And Review

Next up we will test out the case fit we have got the silicone case first or the soft TPU case and it is going to give us no issues. Next up we have the crystal case is a harder TPU. It is also not giving       us any issues if you do see a few bubbles there those will work out over the next 24 hours all right.

And we have the minimalist case it is a little tighter of a fit and we will don’t have any lifting around the edges the screen protector still seems to be holding on tightly and then lastly, we have the hard bumper case this generally would give us the most issues but in this case it is giving us no issues.

As you can see the edges are still not lifting even with this super tight case.

Diamond screen protector

Diamond Screen Protector Pros And Cons

And we have the 10 aged tempered screen protector. This is the most premium of RAM boots screen protectors for the iPhone 10r. This one is going to set you back $13.99.

And it is only going to come with one screen protector but what you get there in 60 full coverage and this is dust proof so a lot of screen protectors you will notice that the edges collect dust that not going to happen with this particular screen protector.

It has more than 12 hours of tempering time versus the standard six hours of tempering time which means it going to be much more durable and less likely to break on the edges of course the touchscreen remains super sensitive.

Diamond Screen Protector Installation And Review

And it is going to give you HD clarity. It like you are not even using a screen at all as you can see here this screen protector goes all the way to the edge of the phone so it covers all the glass protecting the entire front glass panel of your iPhone 10R as far as case compatibility concerned go head and test all the cases the slim TPU case fits with no issues. Whatever the harder TPU case fits with no issues nothing is lifting here all right.

Next up we have the minimalist super thin case here and once again it gives the screen protector no issue. It is not trying to peel up at all and then we will try the bumper case which is the tightest fitting case and still it is not giving us any issues.

After this video, you might have a decision about how to choose a suitable glass screen protector! These 3 types of screen protectors you could order from RANVOO!

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