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Slide #Summer February Bonus Pool
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How to win

  • Step 1
    Follow RANNVOO Instagram (@ranvoo_official).
  • Step 2
    Showcase your phone and must be related to the weekly topics.
  • Step 3
    Message RANVOO and let us know you have entered the contest.
  • Step 4
    @ 3 friends on your post.
  • Step 5
    We will pick 1 winner every week ($50).
    In addition, a Special Prize ($300) will be picked at the end of the month.


  • Rule #1
    Follow RANVOO’s Instagram is required.
  • Rule #2
    The pictures or videos you posted must be met the topic requirements of the week.
  • Rule #3
    If the winner does not give a response within 24 hours, we will pick another one and you will be disqualified.
  • Rule #4
    RANVOO reserves the right of final interpretation.



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