3D Printing Phone Cases

3D Printing Phone Case

In the recent years, the use of 3D printing in the fashion industry is no longer news to people: garments, ornaments and running shoes- all sorts things that people can think of, the 3D printing can make them real from fanciful design. Besides the ability to create shapes that previous imaginable in traditional production, 3D Printing optimizes the production process since with the technology, the production is close to maximum efficiency with no waste material, and 3D printing can cater the need of full customization. Unsurprisingly, 3D printing is used in phone case production.

As wonderful as the technology sounds, there are issues like property of material, deterioration of the environment and the associated cost of massive commercial production. However, in foreseeable future, 3D printing can overcome such obstacles.

Let’s check what sorts of innovative approaches that people been had with 3D printing phone cases:

Pokeball Phone Case

Pockball Phone Case

This phone case launched in 2016 by Jon Cleaver, specifically designed to make player advantageous by helping them in making perfect aiming to flick their pokéballs. Nevertheless, if you are a skilled player who want to make an unexpected curved pokéballs to capture those Kawayi(cute) creatures, this pokéballs phone case would become an obstacle instead of help.

It was on sale in Cleaver’s Esty store for AU$8. The case was so popular, in fact Cleaver had his store shutdown once at that period, because he can’t handle the large volume of demand of the Pokéball Case. What a pro device to have when you are a gamer.

Dumb Phone Case

Dumb Phone Case

People can’t complain enough how long they spend on their Smartphones and they are addicted to the incessant stimulation that Smartphones provide. Art director- JeffLam, created Dumb phone case to arouse the awareness of people about how smartphone is arresting people from appreciating the beautiful scenes, human beings that around them.

Basically, what this phone case does is preventing you physically interact with the touch screen except for dialing calls. Next time when your company is focusing on his or her phone instead of you, slap this dumb phone case to wake him or her up.

Periscope Phone Case – GoPro style

Periscope phone case

With Periscope Case, people can shoot during country biking, track walking and accomplish all sorts active recording that previous exclusively belonged to GoPro. The Periscope Case raised $956 of $1500 goal on the CrowdSupply site which counted the funding unsuccessful. It is very likely people don’t have much faith in this simple designed case could ensure the security of their phone.

After all, the periscope Case is just a case that places minor around to shift the focus of the cell phone camera, compared to the GoPro, not much a competitive player.

Doctor Phone Case

Doctor phone case

Everyone has experience of wearing an arm cuff with a gauge and recording device during a blood test. While this type of blood test is common practice in developed countries, developing countries are lack of such detecting devices to conduct basic diagnose for patient.

With the teamwork from Michigan State University, the University of Maryland, and Chonnam National University in South Korea, Smartphone with a specially made phone case could perform same type of blood test. Examinee perform test by applying gradually increase force with their fingers on the pressure sensor which reports the data to the analytical app in the smartphone. Phone case becomes advanced technical device for the first time.