Awesome Functions of Phone Case You Do Not Know

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People will buy a phone case for their new smartphone for protecting, but except for the protection, there are still some extra added functions you may want to know.

Did you consider that a phone case can be a weapon and save your life when you are in danger? A phone case can also be a secret stash to hide your money if you do not want to take cashes outside in a relaxed way. Therefore, today we will talk about some multifunctional phone cases and tips for you.

Showing off your precious photos

Sometimes you are desirous to show your adorable or memorable images to people, a kind of a phone case from RANVOO can help you. Crystalline Series iPhone cases, a 9H+ tempered glass back with premium silicon bumper, which provide a strong protection for your phone but without covering its original beauty.

phone cases showing off your photos

In addition, this case will not turn yellow an have the ability of anti-scratch. You do not need to worry the stains affect your beautiful images on your case if you want to show. Check this case at RANVOO store now.

Hide Money in a  Secret Stash

We now are not often use cash on daily payment, especially in China, people are more preferred to pay by WeChat Wallet and Alipay, they are too relying on the smartphone and go out without a wallet, so there has a problem is, how to pay when your cell phone is out of power?

hide your money in phone case

The case can help you out, although we reduce the frequency of cash use, we can put a bill inside between the phone case and cell phone so that in case of you can’t pay with your smartphone wallet. Kindly reminder, you’d better not to use transparent and clear case, it will expose and attracts thief’s attention.

Storing Card in your Phone Case

For this reason, the designer has created a kind of case from Mujjo that can deposit some cash and card, you can put a credit card in the slot and it will not easily slip out from the slot. Thus, you can get rid of heavy weight and inconvenience from the traditional purse with these slot cases.

storing card phone cases

Power Charger Phone Cases

Have you ever met a situation that you forgot to take a charging cable or charger when you go outside, and your cell phone is going to stop working in a low-power state? In my view, people cannot live without a smartphone, so the wireless charging case has come out, but most of the charging case now is only suitable for iPhone.

phone cases with charging fuction

This kind of cases from INCIPIO can charge your phone whenever you want and don’t need a charging cable. With this charging case, you will not concern about the low-power state of your phone, besides, you will be free from taking the power pad or charger, what a portable case it is.

Stun Gun Phone Cases

The following cases I am going to show are illegal in some states or region, so I will not suggest you buy this sort of cases. The first one is stun gun case (Yellow Jacket), which is not only a phone case, but also a self-defense weapon.
stun gun phone cases for self defense

The stun gun case can release a current of up to 650,000 volts, if you are in trouble, such as looting, personal attacks or animal attacks, to a certain extent, this phone case can protect you from danger.

In addition to this, the Yellow Jacket has a large capacity lithium ion battery, which can also serve as an external power supply for the iPhone for 20 extra hours of electricity. Certainly, the case set a rotatable plastic buckle, in case of hurting ourselves, and there is a switch at the bottom, user can switch the battery from the mobile phone to the stun gun.

Pepper Spray Phone Cases

The other weapon is Pepper Spray phone cases, the design is for ladies protect themselves as well, the case has a slot at the back side to hold the sprayer, you just need to push the button and spraying at the bad guys.

sprayer phone cases

Apparently, this case is the most effective one when you are encountering dangerous. The one thing you ought to know is that do not use it when the wind is contrary, otherwise, you will hurt yourself.

There is no doubt that most of us are willing to accept the regular cases, which just need to have the feature of sturdy, drop resistance and tough, that’s enough.

RANVOO cases can offer all the case’s advantage you need, RANVOO represents a group of people whose life goal is to change the perception of “Made in China” in front of the world. We have set a high bar in product quality and design since 2014. Click for more about RANVOO gadgets.

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