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Recently, 6,5/6.1 inches iPhone real machine appears on Slashleak with many details. Famous paparazzi @OnLeaks brings the real test video of two brand new iPhone X in this year. Many broke is analytical to the rumors, it is credible. So let’s have a look at what new items will come.

Brand new iPhone

Bangs screen, another iPhone X?

According to early broke, analysts think the new iPhone will follow “keep the design, rise the hardware”. But these new iPhone used the design of iPhone X style- Full screen with bangs + 3D structured light.

Bangs Screen

Size 6.5 and 6.1 inches will be released

According to the front picture, 6.5 inches and 6.1 inches new iPhone are very boring. These are the same as iPhone X. 6.1 inches iPhone will be made of JDI LCD screen. Japan Nichia 0.3t LED chip.

The bumper and chin are the same lengths of 6.5 inches iPhone. (It seems that width is 0.5mm, narrower than current 1mm of iPhone X). This information is confirmed by broken new iPhone glass screen protector.

From the rear picture, 6.5 inches iPhone equips double camera, the position and design are the same as iPhone X; the 6.1 inches iPhone with a single camera, like iPhone 8.

And 6.1 inches iPhone is as glossy and textured as iPhone X´s glass back, easy to be polluted by fingerprint. So the material on the back, maybe not the metal as rumor says, but a design that uses double glass and metal bumper.

Back material

The highest battery capacity ever

The iPhone fans always worried about battery stability. It said that 6.5 inches iPhone will equip 3480mp double electric chips of L type battery that is the biggest battery capacity among all iPhones. Compared to single electric chip in L type battery, whose capacity improve 10%.

Horizontal mode can display in two columns

According to the Brazil tech website iHelpBR, by researching IOS 12 beta and X code, the new resolution is 2688×1242, the apps like calendar, address book, messages are optimized for horizontal screen display. What makes iPhone will display two columns as iPad.

iPhone SE plus- Lite version of new product

As we all know, among the three new iPhone, the 6.1 inches low-cost iPhone is the most popular. Its price may be the cheapest. Gsmarena says, 5.8 and 6.5 inches iPhone may be named by iPhone 11, 6.1 inches iPhone may be named by iPhone SE plus because of low-cost location.

Data of new iPhone

The differences and similarites of 3 iPhones

From the picture, the difference of three iPhones is obvious. The main points are: screen size and material, RAM capacity, whether support Apple pencil, the color of 6.1 inches iPhone is blue and orange, more than black, white and gray. And there are some tiny differences between storage and camera.

Dual-SIM card and double standby equipped

iPhone will release double SIM cards iPhone. Recently, iPhone updated the newest iPhone IOS 12 developer preview beta 5. in order to repair bugs and stability upgrade. Developer Guilherme Rambo finds the description of the second SIM card by the IOS 12 code. So iPhone has the technology to support double SIM cards.

Dual-SIM card

However, the double SIM cards may only used by 6.5 inches iPhone.

Dual-SIM cards

6.1 inches iPhone is the cheapest. The price of 6.1 inches may be about 700 dollars; the other two are 800-900 dollars and 900-1000 dollars.

But there is a bad news, the 6.1 inches iPhone is possibly be published later in October because made of LCD back. If the news is true, many Apple fans must be can not wait.

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