Hard Phone Case VS Soft Phone Case

iPhone Case

Everyone will choose a case for their new cell phone preventing from scratches and falls, so there is a question for them, hard case or soft case is much better to protect their phone. So today we will discuss the problem and make a comparison between hard and soft.

Some of the manufacture, use PC (Polycarbonate) and ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) to produce hard phone case at first, PC has the features of high strength on stretching and bending, high temperature resistance, good transparency and non-toxic, which material is applied to people use the phone in a bad condition, such as cold or hot weather. ABS has a lower intensity and it can not resist the high temperature, but it has a good fluidity, so the material will easy to be coloring and spraying.

Thus, people combine the features of the two materials and created a new material, ABS+PC. The reason why it is named ABS+PC is because this material not only has excellent heat resistance and weather resistance, dimensional stability, and impact resistance of PC resin, but also has excellent processing fluidity of ABS resin. Therefore, it can be used in thin-walled and complex-shaped products to remain its excellent performance and maintain the formability of materials composed of plastic and an ester.

Soft Phone Case

The hard phone case now is made of ABS+PC materials, but hard case has some disadvantages, because of its materials, poor thermal conductivity and heavy weight the case is, people will concern about that, in addition, hard case will easy to leave scratches by people and it will easy to slip because of the smooth back.

Hard Phone Case

Most of the soft case is made of TPU (Thermoplastics Polyurethane) and silica gel. TPU has some advantages:

1. Wide range of hardness: By changing the ratio of the reaction components of TPU, different hardness products can be obtained, and with the increase of hardness, the product still maintains good elasticity and wear resistance.

2. Hhigh mechanical strength: TPU products has an outstanding load carrying capacity, impact resistance and shock absorption. Outstanding cold resistance: TPU’s glass transition temperature is relatively low, still maintain good elasticity, flexibility and other physical properties at minus 35 degrees.

3. Good processing performance: TPU can use common thermoplastic materials processing methods, such as injection molding, extrusion, rolling and so on. At the same time, TPU and some polymer materials can be processed to obtain complementary polymer alloys.

Silica gel has the features of good elasticity, wear resistance, environmental protection and high temperature resistance. Soft phone cases are easy to install and disassemble, besides, a soft phone case can effective on dust-proof and it has a good touch feeling on hand, feels more like human skin. Certainly, there are some defects of soft phone cases, it is easy to get dirty and hard to dissipate the heat, if the soft phone case has been used a long-time, it’s color will turn yellow and darken.

Whatever Hard or Soft phone cases you will choose, the case is used to protect your phone or highlight your personality, before we buy the phone case, we should know the additional features you might want in case, write down what you feel is essential and keep it as a checklist while you shop.

At last, I will give some tips on cleaning your phone and phone case, clean with medical alcohol and wipe the phone with a cotton swab with medical alcohol once a week, besides, we should pay attention to personal hygiene and reduce the transmission of bacteria. According to the report of TIME, your cell phone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Still, the best advice has more to do with you than the phone. Wash your hands several times a day, the experts say, and you’ll likely be just fine.

Moreover, a phone case use for no more than 3 months, so i will suggest you to buy a hard case and soft case at a time, so that different types apply to different needs in daily usage and extend the life of your phone case.

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