How to Choose Suitable Phone Screen Protector

How to choose suitable phone screen protector

Following the development of the cell phone, the screen protector becomes more various.Searching the Screen Protector in Amazon, there are over 40,000 results. It is so dazzling that you are hard to make decision to buy a suitable screen protector. Let’s check some main screen protectors in the market, you may find a screen protector which fits your demand perfectly.

Glass screen protector

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of glass? Some of the words associated with glass would be beauty or fragile. It is beautiful, but does it do its job as a screen protector?


One of the strongest screen protectors would support a hardness of 9H. Most of the screen protectors that are not tempered glass are do not have a hardness of 9H. but most of the tempered glass is advertised as so. When your cell phone drop on the floor, the 9H hard glass screen protector broke firstly!

But without the sacrifice of the glass screen protector, the cell phone screen will break. And glass screen makes sure the original display of the screen. Considering the situations, the glass screen protector is the most affordable choice.

Anti-blue light screen protector

As device makers aim to achieve higher resolutions and vibrant screens, blue light is used as the primary color to light up the screens. But blue light through the retina to cause damages to macular. Facing the blue light for a long time will lead to vision deterioration, insomnia and possible causes for several severe health issues.

Anti-Blue light screen protector

Anti-blue light screen protectors block 90% of the harmful blue light ranging from 380nm – 420nm helps to reduce eye fatigue and the possibilities of the likely symptoms caused by blue light.

Privacy protect screen protector

Walking in the street or taking the bus, your screen is watched by people around. How awkward! And your privacy information is risky to be stolen by others.

Privacy Protect Screen Protector

The privacy protects screen protector is like a sunglass. The privacy filter renders the content of your display almost invisible to everyone except you.

Anti-bacteria screen protector

The rumors said cell phone as dirty as toilet lid, lol. But it is half correct, the cell phone gets in touch with many dirty things in human life. Such as, you might watch the phone video when you are sitting on the toilet. Next, you certainly wash your hands, but not including your cell phone.


So, you know how dirty your cell phone is. The Anti Screen Protectors provide your screen with a high level of protection, and they are treated with medical glass, which kills 99% of germs like e-coli and salmonella. The coating lasts for years providing you with a safe and clean operating surface.

So many kinds of screen protectors, you are free to choose one by your preference.

If you want to protect your eyes from glare and blue light, the anti-blue light screen protector is suitable for you. Or you may want to protect your privacy from voyeur, the privacy protects screen protector is suitable for you. Then, you want a hard and durable screen protector, RANVOO 10H diamond glass screen protector is your best choice.

RANVOO 10H Diamond screen protector

The hardness of Diamond is 10H, the hardness of the glass screen protector is 10H too. So, this screen protector is called Diamond screen protector.

The diamond screen protector with double tempered hours [Than 9H] strengthens the edge of the glass, is hard to break or get scratched.

Diamond Screen Protect Film

Today, the screen of cell phone become bigger than bigger. So, people need a harder screen protector to protect the huge screen.

RANVOO 10H diamond glass screen protector is twice strength than 9H hardness glass screen protector. The hardness is the same as diamond’s hardness.

Ranvoo 10H Diamond Glass Screen Protector

And this screen protector uses 6D full coverage & dustproof. The 6d screen protector evolves from 3d, improving the curves for the perfect match with the screen for better grip feel, wider coverage and prevent dust. Most glass screen protector break from its edge, the 6D coverage will prevent this damage.

Although the glass screen protector is hard, the 3D touch function is smooth. Don’ worried about the sense of use!

Maybe you are interested in anti-bacteria screen protector. In fact, this screen protector isn’t common in the market. But RANVOO is developing the anti-bacteria material, RANVOO anti-bacteria screen protector will come!

How do you think? Be free to choose which screen protector by your preference!

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