How to Cooldown your iPhone

How to Cool Down your iPhone

Many people will panic when their phone overheating. And somebody just blame it on the hot summer. But actually, that’s more than that. As you’re aware, your iPhone is a tiny little computer you carry around with you everywhere you go. It even has almost all of the same components as your computer they’re just really, really small. You may also have noticed that unlike your computer, your iPhone doesn’t have a fan, or any moving parts for that matter. So except for the weather and environment, here are some other reasons.

Why is the iPhone always Overheating?

Too many apps running in the system

Your phone overheats, do you have apps running in the background that you don’t know about? If you are using it for a long time, and gets hot it means that the app (commonly games like GTA, Fortnite etc.) runs the chip (high RAM & ROM and large memory) in high performance and drains the battery.

Hot Simpsons

Phone case or other cover on your iPhone

If your phone is wearing a thick, heavy case, it would stop the phone pass out the heat. The case can act as a sort of insulation, retaining heat and will not give your phone a chance to radiate some of it off your iPhone. Think of it like wearing a wool glove on your hand in the heat versus letting your hand out to cool it down. No wonder whenever you use your phone, it overheats faster than you think. Besides, some holes on the phone like earphone hole, speaker, etc need to be clean. So you need to clean your phone and phone case regularly.


Poor-quality battery

Battery, hotter than usual if they are old and have had a lot of charge/discharge cycles. So when your phone battery is bad or old, also can make an influence on overheating.A battery doesn’t just suddenly die under normal circumstances; it gives some warning signs that it’s getting close.

Except for the overheating, you might notice when your battery is going downhill because it rapidly discharges while you’re using it. If you used to go half the day and your battery was still at 60%, for example, and it now hits 30% during the same time, it’s a sign that the battery is starting to sour. Other things like bad apps or a bad update can do this, too.

Phone Battery Is On Fire

Charging while gaming

What will you do if the low battery shows while you’re gaming with your friends? Most of us will charge the phone immediately and back to the exciting game. Actually, these electronic in and put situation will make a big damage to your battery. Overheating is the best signal from your phone.

Playing Mobile Games While Charging

How to Cool Down your iPhone

Throw your iPhone into the water

Throwing in the cool water, maybe is the most direct way since iPhone 7 is released, apple announced its waterproof level has reached IP67.

IP codes are a standard set forth by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). According to the organization, the codes are designed as a “system for classifying the degrees of protection provided by the enclosures of electrical equipment.”

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are rated as beingIP67 splash, water and dust resistant under IEC standard 60529. That means theiPhone 7 can survive being submerged in just over three feet of water for up to 30 minutes.

Although this way works in theory, but it’s not so reality. What’s more, throwing the phone into the water still can damage your iPhone system.

Throw iPhone Into Water

Chose a suitable case for your phone

To make sure your phone is “breathable”, a thin-clear case would be a good choice for you. A clear case can keep it thin and protect your phone in the same time. As we all know, Apple supply a set of clear cases for iPhone.
Apple Official Clear iPhone Cases

However, you can get a perfect lighten clear case at a better price from RANVOO. The brand offer two types of clear case.


Excellent Protection: iPhone XR case with Extra THICK (0.09″vs 0.04″ otherwise) TPU frame for Mil-Grade drop protection and further RAISED LIP (0.04″ vs. 0.01″ otherwise) for screen protection.
iPhone XS Max Protective Clear Case

Perfect Fit & Easy Clicks: iPhone XR protective case accurately molded from pre-released iPhone XR and embedded with DISCRETE solid buttons, easy to access and press.


9H+ Glass: 9H+ tempered glass back and renovated the structure, combined with the HYBRID structure of soft silicone frame and durable tempered glass back.

iPhone XR Clear Glass Case

Glass Clear: Ultra clear and smooth with NO concern on yellowing or scratches.

Ultra-thin & lightweight: it adds only 0.06 inch and 1.0 oz, our Glass case weighs 40% less than other glass cases.

Shut down the energy-intensive background

If your phone continues to overheat, you might want to consider the number of unnecessary items on your phone—like games, backgrounds, or apps that you never ever use. Delete apps and functionality you’re not using and you’ll reduce your phone’s workload.Allowing apps you’re not using to run in the background runs battery and increases the heat on your phone.

All you have to do is simply closing them down not only saves battery but also decreases how hard your phone works, which in turn decreases heat and cool down your phone.

Keep your iPhone Clean  and Wash iPhone Case

Actually, we need to pay attention to the “phycical health” of our iPhone and its case. They need to face many something dirty like ashed, stains, etc, in daily life. And this dirtry stuff may become the burden for heat dissipation. So We have to clean our iPhone and phone case regularly.

Avoid using your phone while charging

Don’t use your phone which is bad for the battery. A healthy battery should discharged until 0% and restarted. Turn off unused apps on your phone. Allowing apps you’re not using to run in the background runs battery and increases the heat on your phone.

All you have to do is simply closing them down not only saves battery but also decreases how hard your phone works, which in turn decreases heat and cool down your phone.Do Not Use Your iPhone While Charging

For people like game players and power-bank users, maybe is quite difficult to quit when gaming. There is a product, especial for game-lovers from RANVOO. Beside the protective design, the case has the maximum heat dissipation which can let you say goodbye to the overheat worries, focus on all the can prevent overheating

What’s more, RANVOO provides 30-day money back guarantee, 3-month quality warranty and life-time premium customer service, so you don’t need to worry about the quality about the product.

Avoid sudden changes in temperature

If you’re really worried about the temperature of your phone, you might be tempted to place it in the refrigerator or freezer, just for a minute or two. This is what experts in the field might call, “a terrible idea” Exposing your phone to extreme temperatures strains the components and also risks collecting moisture, a surefire way to break your device.


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