Different Phone Cases Show Different Personality

Different Phone Cases Show Different Personality

The phone case has become a basic necessity of mobile phone. Just like our clothes, while still serving people’s practical needs, the phone cases become something denoting people’s pursuit of beauty and fashion as well. There are a lot of firms that make phone cases in the market such as not only technology companies but also some clothing brands. In addition, some people make phone case on their own at home and create more interest and fun. Let me show you some funny cases!
Shinning iPhone Case

Phone Case With Text

There are all kinds of cases. The simple one is Text phone case that is covered by a few words or a sentence. A variety of network buzzwords or funny language is printed on the phone case, giving another life to the phone case. At the same time, without talking, you can show your personality by playing your mobile phone.
Phone Case With Text

Eat You Phone Case Now

Look at the picture above, have you ever seen an edible phone case? Not really “eat”, it looks edible. But maybe it smells like food. When you are holding cell phone, it’s like holding a bottle of milk, coke or a piece of cookie to have. As a foodie, I can’t help possessing such fine and vividly colored case right now.

Eat On Your Phone Case

What about the brand phone case, it must show that you are the enthusiasts of brand, like McDonald’s expressing that “I’m lovin’ it” easily, or 7-ELEVEN showing that you are the Slurpee and Extremely Big Gulp coffee fan! Certainly, a variety of cartoon characters are our favorites, like SpongeBob, Snoopy and Mickey Mouse which are cute and funny.

Play Games With Your Phone Case

We always play mobile phone games, unexpectedly, we also can play our phone cases. If you’re a fan on LEGOs, then you are going to pick up one of these Brick Cases. Your phone can be a car, a castle and an animal. Various shapes you can make, it’s totally up to you and the fun never has to end. Our classic game —— GAMEBOY can be combined with phone case. In your spare time, you can play classic Tetris, Tanks game, F1 cars and Snake game.

The classic games from the past bring that memories and happiness. Of course, with the progress of science and technology, this phone case is certainly not as thick as the original GAMEBOY. Next, we can play our phone and phone case more conveniently.

Play Games With Your Phone Case

Furthermore, the next phone case with multiple professional lenses may help meet the photography demands of some shutterbugs. Buy the lens you like and install it into the phone case which can be used by transferring the lens. The picture must make you amazed and excited!
Phone Case With Multiple Lens

Charge Your Phone With The Battery Case

When your mobile has very low battery and you do not have a USB charger, you might need a battery phone case. The wireless charging case can satisfy with mobile users who are away from home frequently. In addition, you don’t need to take off the case when charging the phone, and just charge the phone with your phone case. When the phone is fully charged, the case will charge itself to ensure the best power at all times. It is convenient and useful, but requires that this case is in good quality and safe. Of course, it might be a little heavy.

Battery Case For iPhone

Make a Phone Case By Yourself

Although there are a number of alternative types, some people are not satisfied with the mobile phone case provided by market. But instead of buying a new one so often, why not consider a DIY for your own case creation. All you need are a solid color phone case, glue, a paintbrush, and some decoration you like to customize your phone case.

DIY Your Best iPhone Case

If you are not sure what to do, you can watch videos posted by YouTube bloggers who often share the process of DIY phone cases to their channels. You will absolutely think they are amazing and interesting. And then, use your creative mind and clever hands to make a phone case. It’s time to show off!

How About The Quality Of These Phone Cases?

The case above is various and interesting. But many individuals are more concerned about the quality of the phone case and whether it might affect our phones. As a matter of fact, some phone case may contain plasticizers, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, heavy metals, short chain chlorinated paraffin and other toxic and harmful substances. Once they enter the human body, it produces great harm!

The Quality Of The iPhone Cases

For example, liquid glitter phone case is a transparent case with sparkly liquid floating glitter. It looks shiny and beautiful. But pay attention to that the floating glitter from phone case will leak accidentally and burn your skin. There have been cases when mobile users sustained injuries as phones exploded, caused by bad quality phone cases at really high temperatures.

Advantages Of Clear Phone Case

You may think that the clear case is not fun, but quite safe. However, the truth is that if you have different ideas on your cases, it could be interesting beyond your imagination. You can sign your name or a motto by using a marker pen. Or you can put a picture in your phone case just like the photo in your wallet. And the clear case is simple and safe. Don’t worry about the danger.

Like RANVOO clear phone case has HD clarity which means that molded with HD clear premium Bayer TPU to resist smudging, dirt and to defer yellowing. In addition, it has good protection raised bezels for phone screen and camera; 20% thicker & 50% tougher than last generation. Maybe this one is your best choice.

Soft TPU Clear iPhone Case

It’s true that a really great phone case is one of life’s greatest little joys. Mobile phone becomes our daily necessity, and phone case has become one of decorations. In addition to what we have mentioned, there are couple phone cases to show their love, holiday phone case can cater the festive atmosphere, and some phone cases that combine with high technology make our life easy. At last, we should pay attention to phone case quality and choose the most suitable one for us.

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