Protect your Phone in the Water


After a month’s game in Russia, France won over Croatia in the World Cup final, which is the second time in 20 years that France has got the trophy again. The fans on the spot were all exposed to the heavy rain, how can you protect your smart phone in the water and taking every stunning highlights in this great feast?

2018 FIFAWorld Cup Champion

Presentation in the Rain

The World Cup final pitch is located in Moscow, Luzhniki Stadium, the biggest stadium in Russia. Russian president Putin, French president Macron and Croatia president Kitarović had witnessed the final in Luzhniki, there was an episode happen while award ceremony was being in progress, as the rain poured down during the trophy presentation, Putin was the only one with an umbrella to stay him dry, the other player and presenter, including Kitarović and Macron were all getting wet because of the heavy rain. Apparently, Putin has stolen the show at the ceremony, the umbrella made him become the most special one in the presentation, neither the lady of Croatia has not got a cover. Of course, the security was doing what he needs to do, soon afterwards, others guest got an umbrella to keep off the rain, too.

FIFA World CupSummer Activities

Anyway, the summer is in full swing now, the weather is getting hotter and people is about to have a plan to make a nature adventure in the beach, forest and some island, there are two things you may come across in the summer is swimming at the beach and a sudden downpour drop. Swimming is the best way to get away from the summer heat, searching for seashells at the white-sands, playing water volleyball with family, surfing at sea with seagull and driving motorboat on the surface, all these activities will make a beautiful day in this summer holiday, so everyone wish that they can record this unforgettable time in the picture, however, smart phone can not resist the water very well, the water will destroy your phone if it gets wet and sometimes the sand at the beach will get inside to your smart phone as well.

Summer Activities

Protect your Phone in Water

For this reason, we need a gadget for solving these problems, which tool can protect your smart phone keep dry under the water just like Putin, who has the only umbrella to stay dry although on the rainstorm presentation. In order to keep in touch with our friends and take a picture with your kids at the pool, water park or beach, phone is necessary, all these require can achieve by RANVOO waterproof phone case, which case can immerse in the water between 1.5 meters and 30 meters depth within 30 minutes and still work well because of the bag has an IPX8 waterproof certification, in addition, the air bag design can let your smart phone floating on the surface of the water while you are swimming, you can recover your phone if you lose it by accident. Furthermore, the waterproof bag is made of premium grade TPU and UV stable vinyl for resisting the hydraulic pressure.

Ocean Series Floating Dry Bag Waterproof Phone PouchPortable Use

Underwater Shooting: With the waterproof case under the water, every beautiful scenery and unforgettable moment can be taken as a photo by your hand, the clear and transparent material of the case will make your photo as clear as the pure water.

Free Use Touch ID under Water:The touch ID is feasible in the water, it is easy to unlock your phone, we do not need to unlock it with the long passwords, which function can save a lot of time and make sure you can open your phone’s camera as soon as possible to take a photo, you will not miss the moment, even though a fish is written in water.

Scuba DivingA Safety Test Before Using The Waterproof Case

  • 1. Release the snap closure after passing the safety test.
  • 2. Open the case gently.
  • 3. Put your smart phone into it softly.
  • 4. Close the sale smoothly, please make sure to press the top of the case inside the sale completely.

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