The Story of the Smart Phone Screen Protector

The Story of Smart Phone Screen Protector

When Steve Jobs just launched the iPhone4, a joke was widespread across: Jobs smashed his fist on the table frantically and said: The screen is not bright enough! Use the best material and give me 10% more light.

Engineer answered: If we increase brightness we should use the most advanced materials and the cost from $20 to $30.

Jobs: OK, let’s just use it! 9.8mm thick? Thin 0.5mm again in 3 months!

Half a year later, On a counter in smart phone market: Hey, bro! Please apply a screen protector (Brightness reduce 20%) and give me a phone case (Become thicker 3mm)!

It’s just a joke, but it shows that people how much they cherished their electronic products at that time.

The fragility of the smart phone

Obviously, the profiteers must be charging you dozens of dollars to fix if your screen is broken even if only the cover of your phone. And your expense is enough to buy a Nokia smart phone. Nevertheless, Nokia is indestructible. Certainly, there are a large amount of different materials and different structures of the case which is not only protect our phone and make it more personalized.

Smart Phone Easy To Get Broke

OK, let us start to talk about the scree protector. In regard to screen protector, we might trace back to before iPhone arrived. At that time, most of phone covers were made of plastic and the screen of touched phone is made of resistive screen. Therefore, its outermost layer only made of plastic and it must be one after another scratch with longer duration of use.

And this is the reason why people would like to apply plastic screen protector. After all , the screen protector you can change, but the screen is scratched is too distressed. See! The phone without a screen protector is getting scratched.

Glass screen protector come out because of demand

However, the display effect of phone screen is getting better and better, plastic protector easy to get scratched for a long term usage. In addition, poor transmittance have a bad effect on display and touch feeling. Finally, someone started to make use of glass as a screen protector.

Glass Screen Protector For Smart Phone

The glass screen protectors besides thick and expensive, its display, touch feeling and scraping resistance is better than plastic screen protectors. Especially, strengthen screen protector is able to achieve about 7. There is no way to scratch the protector with keys, coins, even a 40m-long broadsword.

But glass is still not as hard as sand, and this is why your phone in your pocket often get scratches. That’s not all, the glass screen protector has an extra buff: Drop proof. It could not guarantee that your screen won’t break, but once you’ve saved your screen more than a little money.

Curved screen display makes it hard to produce a practical screen protector

But the good times don’t last long, the phone’s fragility are peaked with the arrival of curved screen. Particularly, Samsung S10 has the extremely fragile curved “edge” screen on both sides, it is likely to be dashed to pieces. In this way, the screen protector manufacturer’s nightmare is still coming. How does the glass screen protector to fit the curve of the screen edges is a big challenge to them.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Half Screen Protector

The first and lazy way was making half screen. The first half screen protector of Samsung Galaxy S8, it is ugly and the margin not only attract dust, hard to hold and first break of still screen itself. You can make toughened glass film is as big as the mobile phone screen!

In Shenzhen, China, North Huaqiang Area business cooperates with manufacturers at all costs. Some take the edges of the glass screen protector shape them into various shapes. Others even use thicker glass to hollow out the center piece to cover the phone screen. In the process of processing and polishing, the glass is very easy to break, the rate of good quality is very low. Although the safety is greatly improved, the cost compared to before is certainly double.

Cheap screen protector will destroy your smart phone

In order to reduce costs, manufacturers have to use thicker or cheaper glass, so that you will find that the screen is insensitive after you apply a screen protector. Moreover, the glass processed by polishing is often fragile. Sometimes, the margin of glass is broken into slag when it is just knocked lightly on the table. It is not only easy to be cut to the skin, but also the glass film loses its protective significance.

Cheap And Low Quality Screen Protector Will Destroy Your Phone

Now, you must learn about what do I want to talk. In fact, phone case and screen protector just like this. The whole industry has a similar level. But the question is why do similar qualities have different prices on online stores? Why curved case, 9H, blue light, anti – fingerprint case can be more expensive? Besides, you have no idea, even I have much experience in the technology area might not be able to answer.

When our colleague knew more about the upstream supply chain of phone accessories we found that some manufactures made poorly designed products after a little processing, while some products with good materials are over-packaged and sold at a high price. All kinds of products become good treasures that everyone can make money when they are publicized.

All right, there is something fishy behind this. Why not make good use of our best resource to make the best product by ourselves?

RANVOO 10H Glass screen protector

The best products may not add up to the highest marginal cost, but they will be the real and the best ones. Regardless of cost,we tried it again and again.And now,we can show you two products that  10H TEMPERED SCREEN PROTECTOR & MINIMALIST ULTRA THIN HARD CASE.


In short, it’s just a high quality tempered glass screen protector. And the screen protector is just enough to cover the entire screen, there is different from the half screen protector, each hole perfectly match your phone. The crucial detail is 70% of screen protector broke at the edge, twice tempered time make edge stronger can avoid largely unnecessary scratch when your phone knock against. Because it hard to break or get scratched, it’ll never have to be replaced.

The above points are what the screen protector need and we really need in actual use. The rests no matter how exaggerated and packaged, it is simple like above we mentioned. If you like playing mobile game, you might find that your sweaty, oily fingers tend to feel sticky as they slide across the screen. The 10H hardness screen protector is highly recommended for slippery hands.

A case is also needed to protect your device

Except for a good screen protector, we need a good case as well. Apple’s official silicone case should be regarded as the best touch-feeling cases. But it is too expensive.

So, we would like to introduce our product. This case adds minimal bulk to the phone and has a nice texture to it which feels good and adds enough grip. Provides protection for daily commuting usage. The matte finish back protects the phone from scratches, fingerprints or damage of minor drops.

Ranvoo Ultra Thin Hard Red Phone Case

Including iPhone X / Xs / Xr / Xs Max, Why is these cases so Less-Expensive? From what I said above that it is not as expensive as it looks. At last, to sum it up in one sentence: Once I was also confused and being a trampled consumer, and know I just want to close my eyes and make the best choice. Which means you must be knowing If you’ve ever had a similar experience. My understanding of the price is very simple: We just make friends, we do not make money by selling accessories.

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