Technology Certifies Your Existence

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In the past one hundred years, the technology developed appreciably, human life becomes more and more intelligent. In the past, there are lots of handmade work. But those could be solved by machine or artificial intelligence. The technology makes the world cold The discussion like these, You must be heard of. But in my opinion, technology is the new way of human communication.

What things does the smartphone bring into your life?

What makes people are easy to record anything fun in life is the HD camera and convenient operation of a smartphone .The social media like Facebook or instagram urges people to share their lifestyle fervently. And people could chat online by snapchat or whatsApp even a thousand miles away, no longer to stand the waiting of traditional mail.

Many people think that: smartphone makes the touch of face to face is less, the human relationship is fainter. But, in another hand. the smartphone makes human life more clear, removes the barrier of distance. You will know where your friends went to, what delicious food your friends eat, what fresh things your friends bought.

It makes you more understand your friends, find more same points with you guys. Similarly, a thousand miles away friend, you could contact him/her by online chat, know the life of your friend, keep in touch, maintain your friendship. It was difficult to do these in the years without smartphone.

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Get the latest news and information from your cellphone

Social media removes the distance from people all over the world. Everyone knows what happened in other countries. People from different countries are easy to make an online communication, develop transnational friendship. When terrorist attacks happen in somewhere, such as Attacks of November 13, 2015, in Île-de-France, people all over the world pray for Paris people.

The comfort you get from the technology

Friends and relatives passed away is a sad thing. However, with the development of technology, more digital life, people could stay their spirit in the world in other ways.

The reporter James Horace of American New York Times ever tried it. James record the all that his father said before life, sort out the over 90,000 words, and create a chatting artificial intelligence program. The language style of this program is the same as James’s father, chatting with it, James feels back to the cheery time with father.

See your beloved one when every time you pick up your phone

When you watch the movie, you must ever saw this scene: Before going to bed, wandering traveler open the pendant of the necklace, say goodnight to the portrait in the pendant. The portrait is usually daughter, wife or mother.

The cost of a handmade pendant is expensive, but put friends or relatives′photo in wallet or smartphone is very easy. Wow, you may ask how to put the portrait in the smartphone. It is very easy, just a phone case, put the photo of your dearest one between the case and phone. So when you hold your smartphone, you could see his or her smile.

transparent iPhone case

Nowadays, people never stop complaining about technology is too cold to hurt human relationship. But the stories like these, it is a really rare kindness. The technology from people’s hand,so the technology is human nature.

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