Best Thanksgiving Day Gifts And Knowledge 2018

Special Evetns on November of Thanksgiving Day

The day is getting colder and the Halloween is over now, Thanksgiving Day is the next festival we are expecting. Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday in the United States, which occurs on the 4th Thursday of annual November.

On this day, they celebrate a bumper harvest of this year and get together with family to hold a feast or making a weekend travel.

Prepare Some Christmas gifts on shopping season

The next day of the Thanksgiving is Black Friday, a day that people will rush into the supermarket and some shopping centers to buy the things they want with big discount.

It is also considered to mark the official start of the Christmas shopping period.

On Black Friday, most shops open at five or six in the morning, some even earlier.

Businessmen will also take measures to attract customers by advertising in newspapers a few days before Thanksgiving Day, issuing coupons and slashing prices on goods.

Many consumers see this day as a golden moment for preparing Christmas gifts or buying bargains. Due to the limited number of price-cutting products, many popular stores, such as Wal-Mart, will line up the night before the big sales.

Gifts recommendation

As a gift for Thanksgiving and the coming Christmas, we highly recommend these for you.

1. RANVOO Rainbow Series

iPhone XR Rainbow Series-matte Hard Cases Red

Ultra-Thin Matte Red Case for iPhoneA red phone case can make your winter holiday look warmer and super fit for the Christmas. RANVOO Rainbow Series Red Cases offer in different iPhone models, such as iPhone XA Max, iPhone XR, iPhone XS and so on. Do not hesitate, get a red phone case to light up your Thanksgiving and Christmas.

RANVOO, as a company has been selling iPhone accessories 4 years since 2014, we got a lot of support from our customers. Thank you for your continued support, we will make our products and services better and offer the best using experiences.

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2. WTF T-shirt for Thanksgiving Day.

WTF T-shirt in Thanksgiving Style

WTF? Do not think too much, this is not a dirty word. W represents Wine, T represents Turkey and F represents Family. Surprise? There are lots of colors and sizes for you to choose. This updated unisex essential fits like a well-loved favorite. Super soft cotton and excellent quality print make one to fall in love with it over and over again. Besides, it can add additional fun for the Thanksgiving Day.

3. Nanoleaf rhythm light pad

The Nanoleaf and the Light pad Block: two user-friendly technologies that let you visualize sound. We couldn’t resist putting them together one afternoon and seeing what kind of audiovisual spectacle we could create. The result was pretty enlightening!

Everything you’re seeing and hearing in this film came from 3 Light pad Block M’s, a Live Block, a Loop Block, 7 Nanoleaf Light Panels, the add-on Rhythm Module, the free NOISE app, and a B&O Beolit speaker synced with NOISE. This rhythm light pad will make your house like a concert scene in Christmas.

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In addition, some special parades and activities will be held in many cities and towns across the United States. For example, a popular way to spend the day is watching NFL football. There are generally a number of football games on even though it is Thursday.

Why celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

Why People Cwlebrate Thanksgiving Day

The event that Americans commonly call the “First Thanksgiving” was celebrated by the Pilgrims after their first harvest in the New World in October 1621.

This feast lasted 3 days and it was attended by 90 Native Americans and 53 Pilgrims.

What happened and why so many Pilgrims emigrated abroad to begin a new life in the New World?

Religious Persecution of the England Church

In 1603, James I inherited the throne of Elizabeth I. He began to put pressure on the puritans and demanded that they should surrender to the King. Finally, the Puritan could not stand this kind of request and escaped to the Netherlands.

However, the Puritans feel anxious to the excessive tolerance of their religion, so they planned to leave and go to the North America for seeking a new home.

Mayflower and pilgrim’s new life in North America

Mayflower Sails to the New Continent with the Pilgrims

The Mayflower carrying 102 passengers, 2 dogs and some poultry arrived at Cape Cod Bay in New England on November 11, 1620. After more than a month of exploration and preparation, they landed in Plymouth to build settlements on December 23.

At the beginning when they landed in that new home, the pilgrims suffered from the scurvy because of lack of the fresh vegetable and fruit.

Many people died in the winter of that year, besides, they were also harassed and attacked by local Indians. By the spring of next year, only 50 people survived.

Celebrate the day of thanksgiving and harvest

In March 1621, they began to plant the crop seeds from the UK into the soil. At the same time, the pilgrims met the Indians face to face for the first time in that spring.

There was an Indian named Squanto, he had lived in Europe for more than 10 years and he can speak some English. He taught new immigrants to build dams to block river fishing. Then bury fish in the soil to make corn fertilizer.

In this year, the new immigrants got a big harvest. At the end of the year, they got a lot of fish, turkey, deer and fowl.

In order to appreciate the bumper harvest and the grateful for the help from Indian, the new European immigrants invited the Indians to come together to thank God for their blessings.

The celebration last for 3 days, so this is the origin of the first Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving in America: Reunion, carnival, shopping, eating

Thanksgiving parade and Carnival

On the day of Thanksgiving, most of Americans, no matter how busy they are, they will get together with their family and enjoy a big meal.

In addition, people will go to the church to pray for gratitude according to custom. In urban and rural areas, masquerade parades, theatre performances and sports competitions are held everywhere.

Schools and shops are also scheduled to rest. The children also imitated the look of the Indians in the past, put on bizarre costumes, painted faces or put on masks to sing and blow the horns on the street.

Why is Turkey?

Family members who are scattered in other places in the homeland will also go home for the holidays.

They will sit together, taste delicious turkeys, potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie – those are likely some of the foods that will be on the Thanksgiving dinner table.

So, how did these foods become our Thanksgiving meal? Especially the turkey, which is the native productive in the North America that has been domesticated by the Indians before the Europeans went to the America.

The name of the turkey is called Turkey in English. Because the Europeans think it looks like a Turkish costume: the body part is black, and the head is red.

After the Europeans immigrated to the Americas, they did not raise the geese and had the requirement to eat geese.

Thus, they ate turkey and found that turkey is better than geese, and there are many turkeys in North America. So roast turkey became a big dish for Americans on Thanksgiving.

Why People Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving

The tradition of pardoning Turkey

The official pardoning of White House turkeys is an interesting White House tradition that has captured the imagination of the public in recent years.

It is often stated that president Lincoln’s 1836 clemency to a turkey recorded in an 1865 dispatch by White House reporter Noah Brooks was the origin for the pardoning ceremony.

According to experts, although the pardoned turkeys can be free of death from being cooked, most of them are still difficult to live for a long time. This is because turkeys are not wild animals and are very fat and unhealthy, so they will die soon.

Say thank you to your family or someone deserve your gratitude

Say Thank You to Your Family on Thanksgiving Day

A year will soon be over, we have experienced so much in this year. In our daily life, there must have someone you want to say thank you on this Thanksgiving Day.

Maybe is a friend who has helped you in a financial crisis, a teacher who has taught you the method to go through the pressure during studying or the encouragement from your parents when you were in confusion.

All the supports we got from them are the most precious fortunes. Therefore, say thank you to the peoples who had helped you is necessary. And do not forget to give a warmly hug.

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In addition, some special parades and activities will be held in many cities and towns across the United States. For example, a popular way to spend the day is watching NFL football. There are generally a number of football games on even though it is Thursday.

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