Why iPhone Chooses Glass Back?

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As rumor says, iPhone 2018 will keep glass back as iPhone X and iPhone 8. It seems that Apple will keep glass back in the future.

The glass back is first being used by iPhone 4/4s. As most classic iPhone among Apple fans, the dual-glass design is popular with them. Return to glass back makes many years iPhone fans excited. So what is the charm of glass back?

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Why users like the glass back

It is hard to find out a phone’s back is made of  plastic or all metal at present, so why the glass back is so popular on mobile phones?

For wireless charging

The use of wireless charge will be universal in the future. Although Apple keeps the metal design for years, it is an obstacle for wireless charge. And metal back will make phone fever. Limit to process level, glass back is the most available for wireless charge.

wireless charger

Improve cell phone’s signal

Metal is a conductor to shield electromagnetic signal. But glass is useless for signal shield, it is convenient for aerial arranged. And glass is easy to soften when be heated, which is more saving than metal process.

Unique  mobile style

The smartphone market is developing. In the past two years, lost of phone use metal back. A glass back is unique. Many people like the advanced sense and feel of glass back.

iphone xs

As an industry leader, iPhone will make a new change when new series announce. In 2017, there is no doubt that the glass back is a surprise to us. It is fresh for consumers who are annoying with similar metal back.

With the glass back, the iPhone looks more simple and pure.

Cons of glass back

Although glass back is popular with consumers, there are some problems we can’t ignore.

Apple said the most hard glass back, but there were many broken accidents after first the iPhone 8/X.

broken phone

According to YouTube blogers’ review video, falling from 1.5-meter height will make the glass back broken completely, even the camera.

So users must be very careful when using their iPhone 8/X, which is unpleasant.

Expensive repair fees

Repair the glass back is a very high cost, which is nearly the same as a brand new smartphone. But a glass back is very cheap compared to repair the glass back. If you broke your glass back, be peaceful to receive your property loss…..

But you still like the glossy glass back, so why not try a glass iPhone case?

Clear case for original touch

Ranvoo Crystal Clear iPhone case and High Gloss iPhone case are made of 9H Tempered Glass. The glass back is as glossy as original iPhone 8/X, anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint. With these glass iPhone cases, you will feel the same beauty and textures as real iPhone.

Clear iPhone Case for Original Touch

More powerful protection for phone

With this transparent case, you don´t need to worried about the break of your iPhone, 9H Tempered Glass is the hardest  among the glasses. The glass case back is from an explosion, even the case broke, the iPhone is still safe. You even don’t worried about the expensive repair fees lol.

The glass back is available to the wireless charge too.

The glass back is nice but breakable, put a protective glass case is the best choice if you like the original touch of iPhone 8/X.

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Yes. Once upon a time, the extra weight would not have mattered to me. After many years of schleping my trusty Canon all over the place (and road miles a-go-go)…I too am iPhoning these days. Traveling lighter is just better. The pictures are decent (if not outright good) and the phone is much less hassle. On top of that, storage in planes is getting smaller. In my midwestern market, you connect everywhere, usually on smaller jets. If you arent at the front of the queue, the bag gets gate-checked. In this case, I’ll take the downsides of the iPhone over checking my gear.The only thing I wish the iPhone had was removable storage. I do still take my Canon on the odd trip, but that is getting rarer these days.

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