Why You Need An iPhone Case

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Apple continues to outdo itself with every production and leave their customers’ mouths agape as they marvel at technology masterpiece after masterpiece. The iPhones have not fallen short of the customer’s expectation. However, a certain dispute arises. There are two sides to this dispute. One team stands for how to protect iPhone with a sturdy iPhone case for various reasons like a personal statement.

The other side supports the original form of the iPhone, which is without a phone case. This side does not seem mindful of cases of broken iPhones but is more focused on the original elegance of this brand of mobile phones. So, which side seems to have a stronger stand? Is it better to have an iPhone with a phone case or one without a case?

Reasons Why You Need a Phone Case on Your iPhone

This is a tough decision to make. You will be covering the technological work of art manifested in the iPhone. On the contrary, you will be preserving your work of art. In multiple cases, you may have spotted or experienced cases of cracked up and broken iPhone. Did you know that a $1 case would have preserved the ugly cracked look on your $1000+ investment on a new iPhone XS? Why else do you need an iPhone case?

Why You Need An iPhone Case

a. Protection

It is about the most obvious reason for having a phone case. We have little control over accidents; however, we have the power of the preventive measures. Your heart must have skipped when you may have caught your phone in a drop. You saved an accident, but you did not entirely prevent it.

Phone Case Protect Your Phone From Breaking

If you prefer the original, elegant look on your iPhone, you could still use a phone case. You will surely not need the sleek look when you are out hiking, bike riding or any other aggressive outdoor activity. A phone case would come in handy at such times. A mobile phone in the current century is an essential element of your daily life; it is, therefore, vital that you treat it with the same value it poses in your life.

b. Phone Cases are Affordable

Most people opt to pick plastic cases at the $1 store. Apple is also mindful of a of broken iPhone. They have leather phone cases that they sell at a higher price ranging between $30 and $50 depending on the designs. If you are to enjoy your iPhone a little bit longer, should consider casing it.

c. Repairs are Hard and Expensive

iFixit has been making record repairs with each iPhone production. What’s more, the repair scale also keeps climbing. Interestingly, all the time and money that goes to repairing or even buying a new iPhone could be saved by visiting the Apple store or $1 store for a case for your iPhone.

High-cost On Reparing iPhone

Take the iPhone X for example. It has an exposed screen which poses the risk of a web-like crack. It is not only exposed at the front but also by the sides. Moreover, there are some advanced sensors on the interior that are at risk of being tampered with during repair.

Its screen replacements peak at $279 and to repair the backplate sets you back $549. AppleCare, however, offers cheaper repairs. The screen replacement will be just $29 and $99 for other general maintenance. AppleCare has a subscription fee of $199 running through two years. Does the $1 plastic phone case seem more appealing now?

d. Aesthetic Value

Yes, Apple has employed modishness in their iPhones. However, you may get attracted to a certain theme, for example, camouflage. Furthermore, you may get customized cases to suit your liking. Some colors of the phone cases are also attractive especially when they contrast with the dark screens of the iPhones.

Reasons Why You Should not Have a Phone Case

Yes, you need to protect your phone, you need to save money on repairs, and you may want to apply an aesthetic value to your iPhone. However, is a sturdy iPhone case essential for you to achieve this? Despite dropping your phone or dinging it on various occasions.

Here is why you still do not need a phone case for your iPhone:

a. Phone Cases Will Make Your iPhone Bulky

Take the iPhone XS as an example. Its original look features a thin and lights mobile phone. When you apply certain plastic phone cases, it suddenly seems thicker and bulkier. You will have a hard time sliding it in and out of your pocket.

Phone Case Make iPhone Bulky

An example of mobile cases with these frustrating features is the silicon rubber cases. A chunk of plastic will dominate your phone.

b. Phone Cases Will Hinder Access to Some Accessories

Some great accessories are available for the iPhone that boost your user experience like the Olloclip which is a lens kit that features three lenses in a single lens.

It allows you to get three photo perspectives; the macro lens, the fisheye lens, and the wide-angle lens. However, when you have a phone case on your iPhone, you will not be able to mount these accessories easily.

Phone Cases Will Hinder Access to Some Accessories

Mobile phone cases will also hinder audio cables and lightning cables ports. Especially the poor quality case, you will continuously be undergoing a cumbersome job of taking your case on and off. You will eventually get frustrated and take it off once and for all.

c. Phone Cases Cover up the Elegance and Beauty of Your iPhone

Apple has developed a culture of elegance for their mobile phones and other product in general. The designer had the user-friendliness and attractiveness in mind.

Phone Cases Cover up the Elegance and Beauty of Your iPhone

The iPhone X, for example, develops a premium look from the glass and aluminum combo. Taking a look at a later model, the iPhone XS, it has its screen edges elegantly exposed and a more tactile glass back, to name but a few features. I don’t think iPhone pioneers had phone cases in mind.

You may consider a plastic cover which admittedly is a step down on the iPhone design or the leather case which has its hard texture and odd smell.

d. Phone Cases are not 100% Protective of Your Phone

Accidental damage on your phone has a lot of factors that will influence the level of damage on your phone even when it is cased.

They are:

  • i. How it drops
  • ii. How it lands
  • iii. The surface land on

A phone case serves the purpose of absorbing shock from a drop. If it drops in a certain way, your screen can still crack or an exposed are could be dented. Having a case on your phone will ease the care level you had previously established for your phone.

This is a gateway to more accidents. One of these accidents may probably be the downfall of your graceful phone.

e. Some Phone Cases are Expensive

You may have limited or no access to the $1 store. What’s more, plastic phone cases barely offer any protection. A quality phone case ranges around $50. Some peak at $100! You might as well pay the $99 package of the AppleCare+ and enjoy your phone’s elegance.

Expensive iPhone Case

Furthermore, Apple offers hardware repair coverage for a whole year and complimentary support stretching for 90 days. This and AppleCare+ package is enough for you to forgo purchasing a phone case for your iPhone.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Phone Case


  • a. It saves you money and time.
  • b. It will protect your phone’s look and help reduce the damage level by absorbing the impact.
  • c. They are an excellent way to provide identification in cases where iPhones look similar and act as a personal statement.


  • a. Quality cases are expensive
  • b. They do not offer 100% protection.
  • c. They cover the stylish look of your iPhone
  • d. They add bulk to your phone
  • e. They hinder the use of some accessories.

The Best iPhone Case

How you will learn how to protect iPhone most efficiently and economically is always part of an iPhone user’s goals. You will need to be careful when handling this gadget that has control over most of your life and a sturdy iPhone case to prevent cases of broken iPhones and repair or replacement costs.

iPhone XR Protective Clear Case

If you have opted to go with the phone case, you need one that will not hinder access to your phone’s accessories and elegance. In my opinion, the RANVOO Protective Clear Case is one of the most favorable iPhone cases to have.

It is a highly affordable case with prices starting at $13.99 in different latest iPhone mode, XS, XR and XS Max, and its features are user-friendly.


  • a. It is made from Soft TPU Bumper and Transparent Hard PC Back
  • b. It is 100% Transparent Clear, you can see through all the original profile and design of the iPhone
  • c. It has reinforced the whole case and provide military protection for your iPhone
  • d. In-built openings to provide access to the camera and ports
  • e. Agile and detachable buttons make you easier to use your iPhone.


For full protection, this iPhone case needs to be paired with a screen protector, which is an extra cost despite achieving maximum efficiency.

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