Why you need a phone case


When you walking in the street, take a bus or subway, do you notice the walkers ‘mobile phone? Are they colorful and diverse? In today, lots of people use smartphone, and most of them use the phone with phone case. The ladies tend to use pretty colorful phone case, gentlemen tend to use simple, lasting, common phone case. Maybe you want to ask, why do every smartphone user choose to use phone case? How does the phone case develop?

The earliest mobile phone started in the 1980s.The size of mobile phone was bigger than now, it was too big to be put in a handbag. Not been used much, so the protective phone case is useless. In the late 1990s, the mobile phone narrows, changing from a kettle-like size to a palm-sized grip, been put in the pocket easily, and the phone case appeared the market.

However, the size of mobile phone was still too small, single functions, a slight part of human life. The phone case as accessories for communication tools, not been emphasized. Without phone case wasn′t harm to a little mobile phone.

In the 2010s, the technology developed, the smart phone became universal, as an irreplaceable part of human life. Besides both hands-on work, people hardly stop fiddle their smart phone. The status of smartphone elevates, the phone case comes to the more broad stage.

There are two main reasons for phone case development:

Usage rate, the development of usage rate, makes smartphone be touched to hard materials frequently. People are unbearable to smartphone disappear over one second.

  1. Indoors, smartphone be thrown in the table or bed; maniac smartphone fans even bring it in kitchen and bathroom.
  2. Outdoors, the smartphone in pocket or handbag, be rubbed by rough cloth or something hard. After long-term friction, the shell of smartphone is damaged. In case of the damage, phone case is very important.

A quality, durable phone case makes your smartphone keep brand-new after two or three years, without the cost and bother of repair.

Individuation. In the 2010s, the mobile phone started to add weight, the size of smartphone is bigger than last 10 years. The back usually is whole metallic backplane. It is a blank, a showcase for a phone case. The Manufacturer could design diverse printing in that blank showcase. Stylish phone cases are powerful for young man’s life.

  1. The smartphones are similar, unique phone case is outstanding; the phone case could be a business card to show owner`s preferences.
  2. For the young lady, phone case as important as the necklace like universal fashion accessories. When girls take mirror selfie, the phone case appears in the shot too. So a pretty phone case will bring the picture outstanding in social media.

The phone case is part of human life, it not only protects your phone but also your fashion accessories, sign of feature. Do you use phone case too?

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