Why You Need A Phone Mount In Car – Safe Driving

drive a car wit the phone mount

It is hard to think of life without a cell phone. People use the cell phone to show their life on social media, play an online game, shopping or reading. But sometime, the cell phone will make an obstacle.

When you are driving, it is dangerous to take the cell phone out. To get rid of this, manufacturers provide cell phone mount that should be installed in the car and help the driver to make use of the cell phone hands free.

Why drivers need a cell phone car mount?

1. Prevent Distractions while driving – Safer Driving

Driving is a careful work, but it is frequently the cell phone rings or message comes.It is dangerous to check the phone when you are driving.

Safe driving on the highway

So install a phone car mount will help to steer clear of possible distractions that give rise to these accidents by positioning the cell phone in a place that one can easily reach.  People who want to stop fumbling inside one’s purse or pocket any time the cell phone rings need to consider getting a mount or holder.

2. Hear Conversations Better – Never Lost Phone Call

The cell phone mounts also help in listening to the other party more clearly. Wheel sound and noise from car window will disturb you listen to the phone.

The driver will not only hear more clearly, but will also keep his or her hands on the steering wheel.

3. Play Movies for Passengers – Funny Trip

When you are driving on a long trip or in traffic, watching a video with your passengers is a good way to spend your time.

Most cell phone mounts have been designed with touchscreen smartphones in mind; these mounts can be swiveled to landscape mode for a much better video experience. And a fun cartoon is a great way to placate your kids.

4. Use Cell Phone as a GPS – Check Map Easily

There are many map apps provide Global Positioning System. A car phone mount could make you comply with the GPS without extra operating. As a driver, you could be free to drive even you are driving in the unfamiliar area.driving and using GPS

And I will introduce a good car phone mount for you. RANVOO magnetic car phone mount that ensures your phone stays in place safety.

Best Car Phone Mount – RANVOO Magenetic phone holder

This car phone mounts is free to 360 rotatable, ensure safe driving, whether you are talking, navigating, listening to music or charging.

Magnetic phone mount

RANVOO car phone mount has four powerful neodymium magnets which compose a closed magnetic field and has 38% stronger magnetic force in the market, provides max stability to protect your phone.

And the mount is light and compact. Even without phone on, this car mount can merge into the interior of your car perfectly. The car phone mount is compact, Compatible with all smartphones including Phone and GPS devices.

Get a magnetic car phone mount, free your hands and enjoy your long trip. You will have a good time with your rear seat family, use GPS device more safe and convenient.

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