Will Phone’s Button Damaged When Applying a Case

Will the Phone Cases Broke or Damage the Buttons When Applying and Taking Down

We have discussed about the problem of phone scratches caused by phone cases last time, so there is another question comes again—Will your phone’s buttons damaged by the phone case or phone case gets broke when applying or taking it down?

You may encounter a problem that a phone case is too hard to install or take it down from your iPhone. Because of the case is made of hard material and has the hard edge, but it really can protect your phone from shattering. Hence, we cannot turn protection into harm and there have some tips for you to avoid this problem.

How to Prevent Damage from Happening

Many people with cell phones will buy a protective case to prevent damage. The cases snap together rather, easily but provide a fight fit. For this reason, it can sometimes be hard to remove the case from your smartphone once it is snapped very tight.

The incorrect installation and taking off the phone case rudely will cause the damage as well.

Glass Case of iPhone Broken

Your phone buttons, the mute button, Volume buttons, lock and unlock screen button, even the phone case may be broken if your phone case is not fit your iPhone well or the case has imprecise cutouts.

Install and Remove the Phone Case in Wrong Way

There are lots of phone cases in the market, some sorts of phone case with a strong protection, but they come with a bulky design and hard material. If you do not install that kind of cases in the right way, you may destroy your buttons or leave some scratches on your iPhone.

Generally speaking, if you install and remove the case on your iPhone, it will not damage easily and can also cover your phone with great protection.

Some Tips for you to Install and Remove the Hard Phone Cases

Install and Take off the Glass Case.

Just like RANVOO Crystalline Glass Case, it has a 9H+ tempered glass back and renovated the structure, combined with the HYBRID structure of soft silicone frame and durable tempered glass back.

This glass case can naturally show the original design of iPhone and provide strong protection, which looks so beautiful on the iPhone.

But most beautiful things are fragile, some consumers do not know how to install and take the glass case off the iPhone. Some customers even crumble the glass case in a rude way.

Firstly, installation, it is easy to install the glass case just like common cases. Holding your phone with screen up and install the back over from the left side to the right.

Then, pressing down the phone slowly and make the phone snap with the glass case. In the whole process, do not use too much force on the installation, prevent the beautiful glass case from shattering.

How to Remove the Glass Case off Your Phone

So, how to take the glass case off your iPhone? If have not ever try this kind of cases on your iPhone, you may break the glass case at the first time.

Do not start to take it off from the end of the lens! Glass case will break immediately! We should take it off from the bottom of the iPhone, above all, take apart the bottom right or left corner first, then take off the other side and make the bottom part of iPhone isolate from the glass case.

Finally, taking apart along the edges of the iPhone from the bottom to the top. Attention please, glass products, do not use too much force while install and disassembly. Otherwise, you will break the glass like this.

Do not Take the Glass Case off From the Lens

Install and Take off the Clip-on Case

The Clip-on series case is made up from 3 parts: back cover, top bumper and bottom bumper. It is easy to understand that how to install the clip-on case. Hold your phone with screen up, and then install the back cover from the left side to the right.

Then snap the top and bottom bumpers, aiming the connection joint part. At last, press the top bumper down with your fingers, push the top side into place and buckle up your phone.

The problem is how to disassemble, it will cause damage to the case and phone if you do not know the skills of disassembly. You need to find out the four corners of the back part of the case first.

Then break apart the any of the 4 corners with your thumb and forefinger. After taking off one of the 3 parts, the case will be taking off easily. Remember do not break the top or bottom bumper first.

Install and Take off the Hard Case

It is a little bit hard to tear down the cases, no matter the hard or the rugged one, because of the protective design make the case snap the phone so tight and the cases may have not the notch to take it off.

But RANVOO notices the problems, so one type of hard case have been designed with 2 notches to make the disassembly easier. The installation of hard case is convenient, just like the normal case, snap the phone with case tightly.

How to Take off the Hard Case

When you want to take the hard case off the phone, find out the 2 notches on the sides of the case. Tear the 2 notches down in the same horizontal plane with your thumb and forefinger. The case will be easy to take apart after the case separating with the iPhone.

Choose the Reliable Company to Purchase your Phone Cases

Actually, when you are about to choose a phone case for your iPhone in the market, do not buy the phone case without high rating or so much negative comment. Some poor-quality case in the market will destroy your iPhone because of they do not have a precise cutout or made of poor material.

Besides, the correct methods to install and remove is important. With the suitable phone case for your using habit and accurate installation and disassembly, the case will become a tool to truly protect your iPhone.

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