Mobile Apps for A Balanced and Productive Winter

7 APP To Help Focusing In Winter

Staying balanced and maintaining productivity can be tricky during this time of the year. Pulling yourself together gets harder when the sun sets earlier and rises later. You know you have to get up and go to work anyway because life doesn’t wait—while still making sure your well-being gets taken care of.

Winter is here with all the beauty, but with it also came the blues. That’s why we decided to gather a list of self-care and productivity mobile apps that will help you stay on top of your game throughout the long season!

  1. Headspace

    Headspace is an app that offers a wide variety of guided meditations. The warm & beginner-friendly interface, fun gamification approach, and simple, easy-to-follow introduction to the concept of meditation show that this app is made for everyone—even if you’ve never meditated before.

    Headspace APP


    Price: 10 free sessions, $12.95/month or $95.88/year

  2. Calm

    The Calm app is designed to help improve your mental health through meditation, healthy sleep patterns, mindful body movement, and exclusive relaxing music. It offers guided Daily Calm sessions and a collection of other programs to choose from.

    Calm App

    Price: 7 days of free trial and limited free sessions, $12.99/month, $59.99/year, or $299.99 for a lifetime subscription

  3. Talkspace

    Have you ever heard of digital therapy? Talkspace is not free, but it will match you with a licensed, verified, and background-checked therapist with whom you can chat in real-time, 5 days/week.

    Talkspacec App

    Price: Plans start from $65/week

  4. Youper

    Youper developers utilizes Artificial Intelligence to help users manage depression. Your “assistant” will talk to you and ask questions to guide you through your own thought process and eventually, by compiling the conversations into a mood journal and graph, help you see the patterns of your thoughts and behaviors.

    Youper Chat Bot App

    Price: Free with in-app purchases

  5. Be Focused

    So little time, so much to do—but Be Focused will help you plan and organize your tasks, arrange your priorities, stay focused, and limit your distractions. It also provides reports that let you track your progress and learn more about your working style and habits.

    Be Focused App

    Price: Free, $4.99 for Premium

  6. Evernote

    Evernote is a note taking app that is also useful for organizing, task management, and archiving. You can create notes in form of text, doodles, photos, audio, even video; share them with other users, and sync them across devices.

    Evernote App

    Price: Free, $7.99/month for Premium, $14.99/month per user for Business

  7. Deepstash

    Reading, learning, and exploring ideas are made easy with Deepstash. You’ll find quality content curated and presented as a list of core ideas. As you scroll through the daily stash, the app lets you decide to read the whole article or just save the main ideas to your collection!

    Deep Stash App

    Price: Free

    Have you ever tried any of the apps listed above? Leave a comment down below and let us know your thoughts. Stay warm and see you in the next article!


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