Weekly Funs

Weekly Funs of Interesting Argument And Halloween Costume

Hello, guys. A busy week ends. Do you meet something unforgettable? In the past week, RANVOO meets something interesting lol.
Let us enjoy the happy time.

Oh My God

There are cheaters in giveaway?!

Before Halloween, we operate a giveaway on Facebook. The fans are actively to join it.

When we happily announce the winners, a lady angrily points out: We choose the cheater!

There Are Cheaters In Giveaway

The editors are confused about this lady. She even not joined the giveaway. Why did she say we are unfair?

And this lady even brawled with the others…. The scene is out of control.

Quarrel In The Comment Area

As a brand insists on love and peace, we contact the lady immediately. We think she may have evidence about there are 2 accounts are the same person.

But the truth is:

Why She Said They Are Cheater

All right…The participants need to show their Halloween dress up or makeup in the comment. But we don’t limit the makeup by camera makeup. There are 2 guys make-up themselves by Facebook sticker, the justice lady pointed it out.

Although there are not cheaters, we still be glad for the lady. In the next event, we will be more careful about these not obvious details.

We also want to give an iPhone as present to you, but….

RANVOO is a phone accessories brand, but we often post news and photos about iPhone. Some guys misunderstanding us.

So, this situation:

A Request From A Fan For Asking An iPhone


And this:

Asking For A Brand New iPhone

Thank you for supporting RANVOO, but we are sorry to say: RANVOO don’t sell iPhone. If you guys want iPhone case, be free to contact us!

Passionate fan

In the Facebook, we get a sincerely comment:

A Loyal Fans of RANVOO

The editors are touched about this comment. This customer talks the transparent case by many words, even shows his order.

It is so intimate for editors. This is the first time we see the customer reflect on our social media actively. Thanks bro, we will continue the best product and best service for our fans.

A Satisfied Smile


Some interesting pics about Halloween costume:

Cow Headgear For Halloween Costume

Bird Headgear For Halloween Costume

Photo by Kareena Wagner

A Black Flying Cat At Hallowee

Photo by Sarah Winkworth

Family Halloween Adorable Costume

Photo by Catherine Jett

Cute Baby And Mister Skeleton

Halloween Grim Reaper In The Garden

Photo by Jessica Wallace

And there are more events on Facebook and RANVOO official site. Please insist on following RANVOO Facebook homepage.

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