3 in 1 Hard Slim Fit Stylish Cover Case For 8 Plus


  • It never goes wrong: Classic design for all iPhone users, regardless of your age, style and occasions.
  • Caters to all occasions: Low-key yet shiny enough for business meetings, a casual escape, school days or a cozy afternoon in the living room, etc.
  • Various colorways available: There are various popular colorways for you to choose from, including black, navy blue, pine green, and hot red.
CLIP-ON Series 3 in 1 Hard Case Black


Matte-finish back and separate chrome-coated edge bumpers, provides comfortable grip and protects your iPhone from scratches and slight drops.


Minimalist design and seamlessly skinny-fit for iPhone 7 Plus while installation remains easy, thanks to RANVOO’s high-precision molding and GREEN DESIGN without glue or other toxic adhesives.
CLIP-ON Series 3 in 1 Hard Case Black
CLIP-ON Series 3 in 1 Hard Case Black


Extra protection for rear cameras from the surface when the phone is placed, thanks to the 0.3 mm raised bezel .


Part NumberIP8-PLUS-LK
Compatible Phone ModelsiPhone 8 Plus 5.5''




Question: Is this case silicone or plastic??
Answer: Plastic. But it’s a matte plastic that’s soft to the touch.
Question: Does this case come with a clear screen protector?
Answer: It doesn’t.
Question: Do these come for iPhone 8 as well? I can’t find it….
Answer: No, it is not for iPhone 8, the case for iPhone 8 is out of stock at this moment, it will be available within 1 week, you could find it then.
Question: How do I put it on? The top popped off and now I can’t get it back on.
Answer: First, you should make sure the bumper is intact. Then use you fingers to make the cornor of back panel a little off from your phone to let the clip on the bumper in and the same method with the other side. If it still doesn’t work, feel free to contact us and take a photo of the case for us so we can check the problem and do next for you. 
Question: Can I attach this case to dash mount?
Answer: Yes, but you need to attach a metal plate on the phone case first.

5 reviews for 3 in 1 Hard Slim Fit Stylish Cover Case For 8 Plus

This case is gorgeous! I have the teal (/green) and gold one – I get so many compliments! It is nice and thin, not too slippery, . Highly recommended!

I love everything from Amazon, nice case.

Very nice just as the screen shows and easy to put on and put off.

I am pleasantly surprised by the good fit and appearance of the case. At this price point my expectations weren’t high but I like the case when I use it..

Beautiful color of this case and great customer service!

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