3 in 1 Hard Slim Fit Stylish Cover Case For iPhone X


  • It never goes wrong: Classic design for all iPhone users, regardless of your age, style and occasions.
  • Caters to all occasions: Low-key yet shiny enough for business meetings, a casual escape, school days or a cozy afternoon in the living room, etc.
  • Various colorways available: There are various popular colorways for you to choose from, including black, navy blue, pine green and hot red.
CLIP-ON Series 3 in 1 Hard Case


Matte-finish back and separate chrome-coated rims on top and bottom, artistic and fashionable look.


Seamlessly fit for iPhone X, adds a little to the thickness with this ultra-thin cover GREEN DESIGN without glue or other toxic adhesives for environmental concerns.
CLIP-ON Series 3 in 1 Hard Case
CLIP-ON Series 3 in 1 Hard Case Black


extra protection for lens from the 0.5mm thicker edge. Specially designed for iPhone X release in 2017.


Part NumberIPX-LK
Compatible Phone ModelsiPhone X 5.8''


Question: Will this interfere with the wireless charging or allow it without removing the case?
Answer: The case allows wireless charging without removing it .
Question: Does X and 10 use same case?
Answer: iPhone X and iPhone 10 are the same phone model, this case is suitable to 5.8’’ Apple iPhone X/ iPhone 10(2017).
Question: Does this case have metallic parts?
Answer: No metal parts. All plastic.
Question: Can you do wireless charging while having the case on ?
Answer: Yes, the case supports wireless charging.

5 reviews for 3 in 1 Hard Slim Fit Stylish Cover Case For iPhone X

This case exceeded my expectations in three ways. First, it is much slimmer than I expected. It feels less bulky than the slim case I had been using. Second, the case is not slippery and has a nice amount of grip. Third, the case snaps together better than any case I’ve ever owned. Usually multi piece cases have gaps and some wiggling occurs. This case is super secure. I’d buy it again and recommended it to my friend.

Took it into the Apple store and a crowd around asking if I purchased it there. Can’t go wrong.

Good customer service replaced damaged product.

It’s a great case.

Great product for use, highley recommend.

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