3 in 1 Hard Slim Fit Stylish Cover Case For 7 Plus


  • It never goes wrong: Classic design for all iPhone users, regardless of your age, style and occasions.
  • Caters to all occasions: Low-key yet shiny enough for business meetings, a casual escape, school days or a cozy afternoon in the living room, etc.
  • Various colorways available: There are various popular colorways for you to choose from, including black, navy blue, pine green and hot red.
CLIP-ON Series 3 in 1 Hard Case Black


Matte-finish back and separate chrome-coated edge bumpers, provides comfortable grip and protects your iPhone from scratches and slight drops.


Minimalist design and seamlessly skinny-fit for iPhone 7 Plus while installation remains easy, thanks to RANVOO’s high-precision molding and GREEN DESIGN without glue or other toxic adhesives.
CLIP-ON Series 3 in 1 Hard Case Black
CLIP-ON Series 3 in 1 Hard Case Black


Extra protection for rear cameras from the surface when the phone is placed, thanks to the 0.3 mm raised bezel .


Part NumberIP7P-LK-BLK
Compatible Phone ModelsiPhone 7 Plus 5.5''



5 reviews for 3 in 1 Hard Slim Fit Stylish Cover Case For 7 Plus

I love the design, it’s true to color, easy to assemble/disassemble and it does protect your phone if it falls. BUT, better have a good tempered glass protector on your screen Overall though, it’s a beautiful case and it’s pretty durable-also if you use any kind of dash mounts ie to hold your phone there’s no issues with fit!

Wonderful case.

I have bought series colors of this style,I love this case!Super nice.

I get a ton of compliments on my case. Recommend it.

This is a perfect case.

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