10H Tempered Screen Protector For XR


  • 10H Hybrid Protection: 10H hardness iPhone XR screen protector, Hard to break or get scratched, it’ll never have to be replaced. Highly recommended for slippery hands.
  • 6D Full Coverage & Dustproof: Ranvoo 6D glass screen protector covers more area and collects less dust, PLUS a much better grip feels.
iPhone XS/XR/XS Max protector

10H Hybrid Protection

70% of screen protector broke in the edge, twice tempered time make edge stronger.

Easy to install

Just align with the frame, finish it in a second.
iPhone XS/XR/XS Max protector
iPhone XS/XR/XS Max protector

Original Sensitivity

Keep your touch sensitivity and responsiveness like original experience.


Compatible Phone ModelsiPhone XR 6.1''



4 reviews for 10H Tempered Screen Protector For XR

The quality of the products is first-rate.It looks and feels great.Want to recommend to want to buy the product quality is good and very economic people.

This product is not like what I thought before, it has a great protective effect on my mobile phone, and the appearance is very good, it is recommended to buy.

This is the best mobile phone screen I have ever seen. It is affordable and cost-effective.

Provides comprehensive protection so far.It has a soft advantage and is in a “MOUS” situation with me.I just installed it. It shows clearly and feels good.

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