10H Tempered Screen Protector For XS


  • 10H Hybrid Protection: 10H hardness iPhone Xs screen protector, Hard to break or get scratched, it’ll never have to be replaced. Highly recommended for slippery hands.
  • 6D Full Coverage & Dustproof: Ranvoo 6D glass screen protector covers more area and collects less dust, PLUS a much better grip feels.
iPhone XS/XR/XS Max protector

10H Hybrid Protection

70% of screen protector broke in the edge, twice tempered time make edge stronger.

Easy to install

Just align with the frame, finish it in a second.
iPhone XS/XR/XS Max protector
iPhone XS/XR/XS Max protector

Original Sensitivity

Keep your touch sensitivity and responsiveness like original experience.


Compatible Phone ModelsiPhone XS  5.8''




Question: Will this protector with using a basic case, a simple slim or jelly?
Answer: This protector fits perfectly with a basic or simple slim case. However, by jelly case, if you mean the Apple original silicon case, our protector overlaps with it over the edges, but with other TPU jelly cases, our protector goes perfect.
Question: Will this screen protector work with an ultra-thin case? For example, a case from Totally?
Answer: Yes, this screen protector works with the thin and simple case.
Question: Where is the glass from? The 9H screen protector for the iPhone XS has Asahi glass from Japan. What about this one?
Answer: Our tempered glass screen protector is made by Asahi glass. But we use higher hardness glass (than 9H) and fine finishing process to enhance the hardness of this screen protector, make it shatterproof.

5 reviews for 10H Tempered Screen Protector For XS

What a surprising case! My daughter loves this case very much, It’s so slim and thin. I decided to buy another one for my wife.

What a great phone case, here is no extra size added to your phone. It’s suitable for both your phone’s charger and the aftermarket charger. I will definitely buy another one and recommend it to my friend in the future.

Prefer grip. Also love the rubbery feel, I love this case very much! It fits great, look great, There’s a slight lip to protect the sensitive screen edges, The feel is very comfortable with a slight grip but not sticky.

I absolutely love this this phone case. I hate big bulky cases and this one is so low profile and comfortable to hold! I dont know how well it will hold up to a lot of drops but all in all very good product.

I love this amazing case, it is very thin and slim! I am worried that I won’t like it because it won’t protect my phone, but surprisingly, it’s enough. But my mobile phone is still insured, because security is better than regretting afterwards!

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