9H Full Coverage Screen Protector For XR


  • 9H Tempered Glass: 9H hardness reinforced glass retains the beauty of your iPhone XR and provides twice as much strength as non-tempered alternatives and effective resistance against scratches
  • Fingerprint-free: Way fewer fingerprints collected on iPhone XR with this special oleophobic-coated screen protector on, less grease or stains as well.
iPhone Screen Protector

Hybrid Protection

RANVOO iPhone XR screen protector comes with soft PET edge and fully tempered glass. The soft edge better sustains drops, where as other hard-edged protectors break easily. The glass undergoes 12+ hours of tempering process, 6 hours longer than most others. Highly recommended for slippery hands.

Full Coverage

Bottom-to-top, edge-to-edge protection from the maximized coverage and accurately curved soft edges by RANVOO iPhone XR screen protector.
iPhone Screen Protector
iPhone Screen Protector


RANVOO 9H iPhone XR tempered glass can effectively stand up to scratches and even absorb impacts. It’s cheap insurance for a device used on a daily basis.


Part NumberIPXR - Screen Protector
Compatible Phone ModelsiPhone XR 6.1''



4 reviews for 9H Full Coverage Screen Protector For XR

It is great.

Easy installation.Good price, good brand.

It’s very easy to install and it works very well.

What I really like about it is how easy it is to install!Surprisingly easy, without any wrinkles or bubbles!Naturally, I put it on my iPhone screen and I saw foam and wrinkles, but immediately after taking the soft cloth, I used it to remove wrinkles from the center to the edge, and they all went away, and I continued smoothing the edges from the middle!I also like that it has a special grease coating and the fingerprints are very small!A: wow!I sincerely recommend it to you

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