9H Full Coverage Screen Protector For XS/X

  • 9H Tempered Glass: 9H hardness reinforced glass retains the beauty of your iPhone XS/X and provides twice as much strength as non-tempered alternatives and effective resistance against scratches
  • Fingerprint-free: Way fewer fingerprints collected on iPhone XS/X with this special oleophobic-coated screen protector on, less grease or stains as well.
iPhone Screen Protector

Hybrid Protection

RANVOO iPhone XS/X screen protector comes with soft PET edge and fully tempered glass. The soft edge better sustains drops, whereas other hard-edged protectors break easily. The glass undergoes 12+ hours of tempering process, 6 hours longer than most others. Highly recommended for slippery hands.

Full Coverage

Bottom-to-top, edge-to-edge protection from the maximized coverage and accurately curved soft edges by RANVOO iPhone XS/X screen protector.
iPhone Screen Protector
iPhone Screen Protector


RANVOO 9H iPhone XS/X tempered glass can effectively stand up to scratches and even absorb impacts. It’s cheap insurance for a device used on a daily basis.
4.5/5 (2 Reviews)


Part Number IP XS/X - Screen Protector
Compatible Phone Models iPhone XS/X 5.8''


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