Amazon Gift Card
to be Won

Next Amazon Gift Card will be given out in


  • Step 1
    Follow RANNVOO Instagram and need to know when the contest has begun.
  • Step 2
    Take some pictures or videos of RANVOO’s products
    (Phone Cases, Screen Protector, Phone Mount etc..)
    then post on your Instagram, need to add some hot hashtags in your post,
    such as #RANVOO #iPhone #iPhone XR #XXX
  • Step 3
    Message RANVOO and let us know you have entered the contest.
  • Step 1
    We will pick 1 lucky winner at the end of each month.


  • Rule #1
    Follow RANVOO’s Instagram is required.
  • Rule #2
    The pictures or videos you posted must contain RANVOO’s product. Will make a confirmation if you win the prize.
  • Rule #3
    If the winner does not give a response within 24 hours, we will pick another one and you will be disqualified.
  • Rule #4
    RANVOO reserves the right of final interpretation.


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