3 Reasons to Buy the iPhone XR

iphone xr series ready for order

In the early September of this year, Apple already released their 3 brand new handsets, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. Because the iPhone XR needs a little more production time before release, so if you want to try this new affordable version, you must wait until the pre-order date started on 19th October and which will officially available on 26th October.

As the compromised version of 2018, what feature attracts so many fans to expect its coming, except for the lower-price. Is the multiple choice of colors or roughly the same features as the iPhone XS series? Why is the market so optimistic about the sales of iPhone XR?

Less-expensive than iPhone XS series

Firstly, and the most important reason why people willing to wait for iPhone XR are the affordable price. iPhone XR starting from $749, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are starting from $999 and $1099. There is approximately $300 difference for your options.

new iphone price in 2018

If you choose iPhone XR, you can make good use of the $300, for example, purchasing Apple Care+ for your new device or get some phone gadgets in Apple store or on Amazon. So, iPhone XR is awfully suitable for those people who want to try an advanced device but have limited budget.

Multiple color options for customer

So, maybe the multiple color for options is the reason that why you plan to choose the iPhone XR. There are 6 colors in total, red, blue, yellow, white, black and coral. In terms of the young generation, they want something special and different, especially in school, office or metro that full of phone colors with white, black and grey around.6 color options for iphone xr

The unique color of the iPhone XR, such as blue and coral, which will make you more attractive in the crowd. If you want some extra protection for your new device, a transparent phone case can provide a good protection but will not covering its original color and design.

Similar configuration and performance with iPhone XS series

Although iPhone XR equipped with a 6.1-inch LCD display, 720p lower screen resolution will disappoint a lot of customers. However, the all-new liquid retina display on the iPhone XR makes it the most advanced LCD display in the industry and the most durable phone screen in Apple’s history.

For keeping prices low, the iPhone XR equipped with a 12MP single-lens rear camera, but it keeps a good performance on filming like the iPhone XS series. In addition, the front camera of the iPhone XR is also equipped a TrueDepth camera for the latest facial recognition.

iPhone XR processor performance

Of course, the iPhone XR is equipped with a new 7-nanometer A12 Bionic chip that’s faster and more efficient than the A11 in the previous-generation iPhone X. The two high-performance cores in the A12 that are up to 15% faster than previous A11 and four efficiency cores that use up to 50 percent less power.

The high-performance processor combined with a bigger battery, which enable much longer battery life for the iPhone XR.

On the other hand, iPhone XR’s screen resolution is 1792*828 with 326 pixels per inch and 1.4 million total pixels, which is lower than the 2436*1125 of iPhone XS. The display of iPhone XR is not so well, although it has a 6.1-inch big screen.

At the same time, the feature of 3D Touch was removed on iPhone XR, instead, it equips a new function, which is called Vibration Feedback. There are still a lot of applications in 3D Touch, cutting off 3D Touch will affect the using experience. Anyway, the iPhone XR is still a good choice if you want to update your handset with less budget.

RANVOO 6.1-inch new cases are ready for your iPhone XR

Every time Apple releases its new devices, RANVOO will launch new  iPhone XR case products as well. The 6.1-inch new size of this cell phone is a new challenge to RANVOO, we have tried lots of ways to form a precise case for the iPhone XR. We will introduce some new cases below, which will perfectly fit your new device in a beautiful look.

Rainbow Series

Rainbow series cases are a kind of slim fit hard case, which design for the people who are fond of the minimalist. The most special about this series is that it has the ability of anti-scratch and fingerprint on its back, which was added 4 layers of coating on the back.

iphone xr rainbow series case

So, if your hands are prone to sweating, this case can help you to prevent the fingerprints and the sweat remains on your phone case. Besides, this case is smooth enough, so it is easy to slide your iPhone XR into your pocket or slide it out of your pocket.

Furthermore, every cutout in the case is basically for the real iPhone XR model, which features semi-cutout button covers for responsive clicks, large openings for the speakers and charging port and cutouts on corners for easy installation. There are 3 colors for your options, blue, black and red.

Guardian Series

Guardian series is one of the ruggedized cases of RANVOO, we upgraded the protection for the iPhone XR with a soft TPU inner case and a hard PC frame to absorb the shock from inside and resist the shock from outside.

iphone xr guardian series case

The Guardian cases elevated every bezel to make sure the lens and screen lower than the bezel and get a full protection from the case. It still looks awesome, although it is a little bulky when you are using it.

RANVOO Guardian series iPhone case is not the same as the Otterbox Defender iPhone cases, both two cases are belonging to rugged cases, but RANVOO Guardian series clear back panel not only presents the original beauty of iPhone XR, but also protects the precious glass back. On the contrary, some cases like Defender Series of Otterbox will cover the original beauty of the iPhone XR.

Liquid Series

The ultra-thin and lightweight Liquid series cases constitute with TPU back and a chrome bumper frame. The clear premium Bayer TPU can resist smudging, dirt and to defer yellowing. Because of its material, it has a good durability and flexibility so that you can install it easily.

iphone xr liquid series case

In addition to this, the new Liquid series cases are 20% thicker and 30% tougher than last generation. This case is light as a feather, it is a perfect demonstration of the original beauty of the phone, while the slim and lightweight design prevents the phone from being bulky.

If you have something memorable and want to show off, this case can satisfy your requirement, the happiness moment such as family dinners, camping or kid’s birthday, all the pictures can accompany you around with this case. There are 2 colors for you to choose, black and crystal silver.

Crystalline Series

The all clear design of the Crystalline series iPhone XR phone case is the first ever HYBRID structure of protective soft silicon frame and durable tempered glass back, which 100% showing off the initial design of iPhone XR. There are no worries of turning yellow or leaving scratches on your case.

iphone xr crystalline series case

If you want to clean the stains and fingerprints on the case, just need a micro-fiber cloth to wipe it clear again. Besides, the bottom hollow design for speakers to help you enjoy music without hindrance; For the charging port, it is more convenient to use a third-party charger to charge.

Bumper Series

If you like playing games or watching video on your iPhone XR, a RANVOO Bumper series case can help you. We know if a phone keeps working for a long time, it will get heat and hard to dissipate. This iPhone XR hard case is made with SPACE-GRADE aluminum alloy, sleek, elegant and maximizes heat dissipation.iphone xr bumper series case

It is made of a mixture of hard metal and flexible TPU frame, this black iPhone XR case offers your iPhone a solid and muscular style of protection. The raised silicon lip lifts your iPhone XR and thus protects the camera and glass back from damages.

It is cleverly engineered to just cover the camera of iPhone XR without interfering with the flash and other features So, a bumper case not only provide a basic protection, but also can help with heat dissipation while you are using your new iPhone.

All the cases mentioned above can be ordered or pre-order now at RANVOO Amazon store, we also offer discounts for customer. Get more information about RANVOO gadgets, please follow RANVOO official site and Facebook page.

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