9 Must-Have Tech Accessories for Summer


It’s already hot summer and people have plans for day trips, the week long jaunt along the coast, and beach fun. For all the amazing vacation time ahead, you will want to make sure your leisure time is easier and memorable instead of worrying things might go wrong. Luckily, every summer brings a bunch of innovative gadgets and accessories that help us to be more prepared for the summer fun.

Here is our list of choice that can’t be missing in the summer:

1. JBL GO 2 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

It’s just unimaginable to go anywhere without your favorite playlist which you are desperate to share with your friends, families and the intimate one. Here come the JBL GO 2 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker which process the IPX7 waterproof design that makes the time being at the beach, with the pool worry-free.

waterproof bluetooth speaker

Streaming music wirelessly and continuously for up to 5 hours via Bluetooth. If Bluetooth is not available, GO2 stills play the best with the audio cable. With 12 options in color, GO 2 matches every outfit you have in the party.

2. Ranvoo Waterproof Cell Phone Case

There are multiple phones that already on the market, featured with Waterproof technology. Nevertheless, it is never wrong to be more careful about your Smartphone that costs you a fortune.

For those people who have regular devices instead of waterproofing one, a water-damaged phone, and a functioning one could make a huge difference in their traveling.

waterproof phone case

Ranvoo Waterproof case is probably the waterproof phone case on Amazon, it feels so comfortable in the hands. It is compatible with almost all major smartphones like iPhone X, iPhone 8/8+, iPhone 7/+ and Samsung Galaxy S8/8+, Note7/ 8, LG G5/G6, as long as the phone is up to 6.2″ in diagonal size.

If you are going for active outdoor activities, Ranvoo case can attach with an armband and lanyard that are suited for various like boating, swimming, and water park activities. Besides greater transparency, which gives excellent shooting, Ranvoo case ever allows you to access Touch ID.

3. Anker PowerCore Speed 20000

Nothing is more frustrating than finding a plugin while your phone is running out the battery in the summer trip. An Anker power bank is the perfect solution to such struggles, with Power IQ technology, it gives unparalleled fast charging for devices like an iPhone 7, 7 times, or Galaxy S8, more than 4 times.

anker power core

With a 6-hour recharge span, you can have a fully charged bank that ready again next day morning. In conclusion, Anker Powercore is one of the best power banks.

4. Mozeeda Portable Virtual Gaming Bow

A piece of gaming toy that “combines the real world and the virtual gaming world seamlessly.”  The Mozeeda AR bow does is to work synergistically with the smartphone game app where you immerse yourself in the AR realistic shooting scenes in the game.

Virtual Gaming Bow

You can even connect and network with other players for a competitive game. Now you have a more active option other than Fortnite.

5. XENVO iPhone Camera Lens kit Pro

In the summer party, you will need to hold your smartphone to take a selfie with a group of friends, and at that very movement, you see that people on each side of the screen with only half of their faces. And then when you will wish you have a camera Len which provides a wide angle.

camera lens kit

Xenvo camera Lens does more than offering wide angle, they allow you to capture details and textures that previous impossibly received by using a built-in camera. Having the different combination of camera Lens, the summer photograph of yours will reach the next level.

6. Ranvoo Magnetic Car Phone Mount

It is definitely distracting and even illegal to navigate your way to the beach or to switch the next rhythm on your summer playlist while you have your phone in the hand. There is no doubt a car mount will spare you from such risk, however, it can be in various styles: vent clamping, magnetic, and adjustable arm holder.

car phone mount

The Magnetic car mount is the most simplistic one among these styles since it is not clunky like the other phone mount. Ranvoo car mount has the unique designed neodymium magnets that keep any smartphone firmly on the mount even when crossing the wildest tracks. Another thing to mention about this piece of device, it looks delightfully in the car.

7. HP Sprocket portable printer

Who doesn’t love taking photos of food, scenes and funny thing along the summer journey? The portable printer can grant you the instant gratification of appreciating the cherish movement which just happens by connecting wireless with the smartphone or social media account.

HP portable printer

You can even add extra fun with photos in putting emojis, lines, and frames on your pictures.

8. Fitbit Flex 2/Fitbit Lonic

Fitbit Flex 2 is one of the top waterproof fitness trackers that also come with the relatively low price. Although it is not specifically designed to track the swimming, it does keep the health record of your summer activities which includes water activities.

Fitbit Flex 2Fitbit Lonic

If you have more budget are up, with more features like GPS, dynamic personal coaching and a heart rate monitor, Fibit lonic is the fitness tracker to get.

9. BÆNDIT Unshakeable Bendable Modular Sunglasses

Conventional sunglasses are not ideal enough for those active outdoor activities that you are going to have in the summer. BÆNDIT sunglasses are made of flexible, lightweight TR-90 polymer which is impact resistance.

BÆNDIT Unshakeable Bendable Modular Sunglasses

You can customize your only style of sunglasses since the sunglasses can decompose into 5 interchangeable pieces which have the various alternatives with colors, shapes, and style in BÆNDIT collection.

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