2018 Brand New iPhone Features and Rumors

Brand New iPhone Features 2018

As time goes on, Apple new items conference is coming in the autumn. From rumors, we know some new features of 2018 brand new iPhone:

  • Dua-SIM Card and Double Standby Equipped
  • The Highest Battery Capacity Ever
  • Universal Wireless Charging
  • New Colors of 6.1-inch iPhone: Orange and Blue
  • Second Generation Face ID

2018 brand new iPhone

So why Apple makes these movements? What effect will these changes make? Dose it will make a brighter future for Apple? Let’s discuss these in details.

2018 New iPhone Features 1: Dual-SIM Card and Double Standby Equipped

According to the rumor, Apple will release double SIM cards iPhone. Dual SIM card is popular in Brazil, Egypt, and so many other developed countries.

Dual-SIM card for new iPhone

In China, dual-SIM card is universal, many businessmen use two phone numbers in order to separate work number and life number. Somebody thinks this Apple makes this change in China market, and some wireless phone providers in those regions charge lower rates when making calls to other customers of the same carrier.

A dual-SIM phone can take better advantage of these deals. Besides, the feature would be included to benefit frequent travelers, eliminating their need to switch SIM cards when crossing borders.

2018 New iPhone Features 2: The Highest Battery Capacity Ever

The battery capacity is always a problem for iPhone fans. If you want to enjoy your iPhone freely, you have to keep charging.

iPhone and wireless charger

As we know, battery life in the 5.8-inch model should be similar to battery life in the current iPhone X, while the larger 6.5-inch iPhone, which has more space, will feature up to 25 percent more battery capacity, somewhere around 3300 to 3400 mAh.

The maximum battery capacity among all iPhones, whether it improves the battery life? Only after truly review , we could know it.

2018 New iPhone Features 3: New Colors of 6.1-inch iPhone: Orange and Blue

The new iPhone will have 5.8-inch, 6.1-inch, 6.5-inch. As rumor says, the color of 6.1 inches iPhone is blue and orange, more than black, white and gray.

The low-cost location mainly aims to young people, as iPhone SE and iPhone 5C. Those two are famous for brighter colors than common iPhone. So the new orange and new blue is not surprising.

2018 iPhone new colors

In fact, iPhone case market already manufactures lots of colorful cases for people who like to make the iPhone more bright and eye-catching. Ranvoo Aurora series and Rainbow series are sold well as color.

Rainbow series is hard and slim, with good protection for the iPhone. Higher edge is more protective for the camera.

rainbow series iPhone cases

Aurora is thin and soft, install or remove it easily. Matte back is an anti-fingerprint material.

aurora series iPhone cases

Use these two series, like transforming a color of your iPhone lol.

2018 New iPhone Features 4: New Face ID

From the rumor, Face ID will be able to unlock phones while in landscape position — the default orientation for most iPad users.

iPhone new face id

And Apple may abandon fingerprint identify, focus on Face id. Although facial recognition is incomplete with many cases, Apple insists on promoting this biological technology.

And the Face id system will be equipped in the MacBook and iPad, sensing technology and camera view will upgrade so as to more convenience for unlocking the device.

Face id is more safe and intelligent, but compare to Touch id, Face id is more inefficient and easy to error (for example, you just walk near the iPhone, but Face id unlocks your iPhone screen).

Anyway, all depends on consumers.

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