Girly iPhone Cases for Pretty Girls!

Pretty iPhone Cases for Girls

Hello, girls! The Black Friday is coming! Most of you guys might bought the new iPhone and iPhone case.

2018 will end, you might more new accessories to greet new year. If you want more lovely cases, there are some videos about RANVOO lovely cases! The beautiful youtuber Jennifer will show you something cute.

Rose Gold Case

The rose gold case is very nice and looks so cute. It is so elegant and it like stands out so much. But it is really cool metallic rose gold if you want to show off your iPhone color. You can imagine this case with the black iPhone or the gold one, that looks so cool.

Rose Gold Case for iPhone

And it is really bendable, but the sides are really protective. It is so darling.

Crystal Clear Case

The next is a transparent one. This one is so harder. The back is more protective than ordinary case. And the sides are soft, so you could still use the buttons really well. The clear back purely show off your iPhone color, simple and classy.

Transparent Case for Girls

It is such a good material. Which is hard and sturdy, makes your phone feel so nice. Many guys who use iPhone XS and XS MAX like the glass back. The glass back of this transparent case is so smooth. It is really cool, isn’t it?

Rainbow Red Case

The next is a slim and thin one. It is really pretty with “product red”. Using it is basically like having that iPhone product res that everyone was crazy about it. And it is slick. It won’t come off easy and protective and by the way this is perfect for Christmas. It makes the iPhone feels so light and nice and protected.Rainbow Red Case for Girls

This red is so cool. If you want a satisfied Christmas present, this red iPhone case is best for you!

Clip-on Case

The Youtuber Yumi King make a video about RANVOO pink series. If you like the cute pinky things, this video is good for you.

The iPhone case is unique because it comes with pieces. This is my first to see the phone case countless pieces beautiful kits is a super high quality. If you want to take this piece off you need to take the body out first, so it is will be easier and right here it is a condom okay.

Clip-on Pink Case for Girls

The gold metal piece likes the original iPhone has, it is classy and elegant. With this case, you will feel the original beauty and get enough protection.

There are many kinds of pretty cases in the market. The regrettable thing is, most of them used by the bad material. It is easy to be scratched or faded for these fancy cases.

RANVOO’s cases may not the most beautiful one, but we control product quality strictly. RANVOO cases is stylish with good quality.

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