Is Apple Phone Case Worth Buying?

different phone cases

While it may seem like so irrational to protect your investment by purchasing an expensive cell phone case, it may not always be the most cost-effective decision you can make.

For instance, a leather folio iPhone Max case may cost up to $129 and may not actually protect your phone more than a less expensive option. When making a phone case choice, consider the phone case price to ensure you are getting the best protection for the best budget.

Types of RANVOO Phone Cases

Several different phone cases exist for different types of users. If you are just a normal phone user who typically uses their phone indoors, you may not need an ultra-rugged phone case.

On the other hand, if you are a heavy phone user who is constantly outdoors or works on a construction site, you may want to have a very rugged phone case. Among other manufacturers, RANVOO offers a full suite of phone cases for you to make the best possible decision. When you make your phone case choice, consider the following types of cases below:

1. Transparent Phone Cases

A transparent case is typically made of tempered glass and will enclose your phone while adding minimal weight. The RANVOO ultra- thin transparent protective case is made of 9H+ tempered glass and adds only one ounce of weight to your phone.

iPhone XR transparent case

For those who like the style of their phone and want a high level of protection, this type of case is a great option.

2. Soft slim fit Phone Cases

These types of cases completely encircle the phone and are made of a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that surrounds the case. RANVOO offers two different types of soft slim fit case – a clear case and a solid case.TPU bumper phone case

The main difference between the two is that the solid case has a solid back, while the clear case has a clear back. These cases are available in a variety of colors and are designed to enhance the appearance of your iPhone.

3. Hard slim fit Phone Cases

These are similar to the soft cases but have a layer of hard metal around the edges to further reinforce your phone from damage.

soft slim fit phone case

The metal adds a sleek look to the outside of our phone, while the inside of the case retains a TPU core to allow for shock absorption. RANVOO offers a line of hard slim fit cases that offer excellent heat dissipation, helping to ensure your phone’s longevity and reliability.

4. Ruggedized Phone Cases

For the heavy phone user who takes their phone onto construction sites or out into the mountains, a ruggedized case is probably the way to go.

ruggedized phone case

Ruggedized cases do not fit quite as slim as the slim-fit cases but offer additional TPU and hard metal to help deflect and absorb impacts to your phone. The RANVOO ruggedized case features a transparent crystal backing to show off the design of your iPhone while providing maximum protection.

What types of Phone case is suitable for you?

Depending on how you use your phone, each of these different cases may be best for you. Seventy-five percent of all phone users have some type of case protection on their phone because they are proven to reduce the likelihood of screen damage or other phone damage.

For many phone users, an economical slim fit case is more than sufficient to provide protection. Users that value style may opt to spend a bit more for the clear cases or the glass cases collection

Phone owners that frequently encounter harsh conditions or use their phone in more dangerous locations are likely to want a more ruggedized case, even if they are a bit more expensive and bulkier.

However, RANVOO sells phone cases for an affordable price, so even if you need a ruggedized case you should not have to spend $129.

RANVOO offers a full line of cases at an affordable price for any of your needs. When considering which type of case to buy you will probably want to consider the phone case price first.

RANVOO products are more affordable than many of their competitors and offer equal or better protection with high-end materials, reliable construction and an attention to detail.

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