Remarkable Wireless Chargers You Want to Know

Remarkable Wireless Charging You Need To Know

With the upgraded technology of the smartphone’s charging, many latest cell phones are equipped with the wireless charging, such as the iPhone XS series and the Samsung Galaxy A9, the world’s first quad camera smartphone. So, the wireless charging technology cover in wide range, but people will not use it in daily life because of you can not work with your phone when you put it on the wireless charging pad. But today, some novel and stylish wireless charging pad and portable charging bank look awfully stunning and will make you into the way of wireless charging.

Must-have portable phone chargers

As a busy day on Monday, you may not use your mobile phone frequently, and you need to write the weekly report or plan a new schedule for this week.

In normal times, especially from Friday to Sunday, people hanging out or going to a cafe with friends for a cup of drink, playing mobile games or taking selfie together. Thus, your phone will out of power in no time, and at this time, a power bank or a wireless charger can help you out. Let’s see in what ways the charger will attract your attention.

Magic Circle Wireless Charger

Mobile phone charging is a very common thing, if we change some style on phone charging, it will make you a day. Look at this Magic Circle Wireless Charger, which make phone charging full of ritual sense and have more fun in a normal action.

Just place your cell phone in the middle of the circle charging pad, your phone will be charged when the light gets close to the middle of the pad gradually. It seems like a kind of spell, this magic circle wireless charger definitely makes you more conspicuous in the way of phone charging.

Wireless Charging Dash for Car

You may meet a problem; the phone is almost out of power when you are driving to somewhere you have not been before and need the GPS navigation of your handset. It is embarrassing to find a path you never know, so if you usually have a long-distance self-driving tour and do not want to get so many charging cables in your car, a wireless charging dash is necessary.

Wireless Charging Dash for Car

The tool combines the phone mount and the wireless charger together, it is so convenient to set this accessory in your car. Some of these gadgets provide up to a 40% faster charge than Qi wireless standard charging. Thus, with this wireless charging dash, you do not need to worry about the problem of power supply in your car anymore.

RANVOO Wireless Charger

Aha, yes, it’s RANVOO again. Are you still worrying about that wireless charger will influence your phone Battery life? Well, don’t worry about that anymore! The most special feature of RANVOO wireless fast charger is the Intelligent dual chip, which ensures your device with just the right amount of current to prevent overheating, overvoltage and short-circuit.

Ranvoo Amazing Wireless Chagring You Never Know

Compatible with various kinds of cases, can charge your phone with thin phone cases like Rubber Case, Ultra Hybrid Case, Plastic / TPU /PC Case, Liquid Crystal Case, PP Case They must be within 6mm thin. Even though it is a regular wireless charger, but we promise the powerful charging function it can offer.

Huawei Mate20 Pro

You did not expect that, did you? The latest handset of Huawei launched in October, Mate 20 Pro, is a new flagship device of Huawei, except for the powerful performance of its lens and performance, there is still another feature of Mate 20 Pro I must tell you that is the Wireless Reverse Charging.

Huaiwei Mate 20 Pro Wireless Reverse Charging Function

Huawei Mate 20 Pro amazing battery and wireless reverse charger can save some devices (must support QI inductive charging) that are out of power. On a night out, people will be reaching for your phone. Obviously, this function is amazing and unprecedented in the world, a phone can be a wireless charger that makes you stand out in the crowd when people’s phone needs to help.

Wireless Charging Desk

Apparently, the patterns of wireless charger in our mind have a clear shape, but do you know some manufactures make a wireless charger in a desk form. In some canteen, they use wireless charging desk to reduce the unnecessary objects on the table to make sure customer to have a better experience on enjoying their dinner.

Wireless Charging Desk

The wireless charging desk can be placed next to your bed, it can work after the desk connecting with the power and then put your phone on the desk. With the wireless charging desk, the phone does not need the cable at home and it will look more elegant than the messy cable and charger. This desk will make your life easier and more comfortable.

If you have any new ideas on the design of wireless charger, please email us and we will try to make RANVOO accessories most suitable for your need and make your life better.

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