Video Review of Ranvoo Waterproof Pouch

Waterproof Pouch

In order to prove the practicability of our Waterproof Case, we invited a Youtuber, DroidModerX ROOT Master, to test our waterproof pouch recently. According to the video, we will make an intensive analysis of this waterproof bag and make a better interpretation to our customers. Here is the full video review down below.

Phones get broken even though it has a high resistance level

As we know, there are lots of smart phones have the features of waterproof and dust-proof in the market, such asiPhone X, possessing the grade of IP67 dust and water resistance, the Samsung Galaxy S9 have grade IP68 as well.

As a matter of fact, which protection can not ensure the water will not ingress and destroy your phone in the pool or beach, especially in the seawater. The salt in the water will corrode your cell phone even though your phone get a high grade of water resistance.

Waterproof Phone CaseWhy we need this waterproof pouch?

  • We can find out there are some waterproof cases are designed for the iPhone and other brands, but not all the phones have the dedicated case for customer to prevent the water ingress.
    waterproof case
  • In addition, the waterproof cases in the market now are too heavy to carry and they are hard to operate with the thick screen protector, which is an encumbrance while  the smart phone now are getting a larger size and heavier weight.
    Phone Case

How to Use the Pouch?

Lanyard Strap: The waterproof pouch comes with a lanyard strap, you can connect the strap on the top of the slug and hang on your neck, then set a suitable length by the lanyard regulator.

Lanyard Strap

Wrist Strap: There is another wrist straps, you can connect it on the back slug of the pouch to build a loop, then tied it on your arm or hold it in your hand, which is a suitable for those people like diving.

Wrist Strap

Snap Lock Design: Some of the cases have a sew, you need to snap every single part of the sew to make sure that it will not leak the water in, but RANVOO Waterproof Case will make it easier. Once you sew the two snap lock, your phone will be totally sewed and waterproof.

Snap Lock DesignTaking photo under water: With the waterproof case under the water, every beautiful scenery and unforgettable moment can be taken as a photo by your hand. The clear and transparent material of the case will make your photo as clear as the pure water.

Underwater ShootingFree use Touch ID with waterproof pouch: The touch ID is feasible in the water, it is easy to unlock your phone, we do not need to unlock it with the long passwords, which function can save a lot of time and make sure you can open your phone’s camera as soon as possible to take a photo. You will not miss the moment, even though a fish is written in water.

Fingerprint Unlock PouchWidely use in daily life

Waterproof Pouch is not only can be used in the beach or swimming pool but also apply to other occasions. For instance, doing exercise in the rain and you need to record the sports data and heart rate, but considering the rain will ingress and destroy your cell phone. Obviously, you can figure it out as long as you sew your phone in the waterproof case and tied it to your arm.


We just want to stay at home when it is raining outside and order a takeaway food on APP. With the popularity of the telephones and networks, the takeaway service has developed rapidly, especially in China. For this reason, a large amount of delivery man has increased and they must process all the order on their smart phone, so raining is the challenge to them.

The RANVOO Waterproof Case may be able to help, the delivery man can handle the order on their cell phone and have no water ingress, which can make sure your takeaway food will be arriving on time and keep in touch with the delivery man.

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